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  • ASMOKE - AS350 Portable Applewood Pellet Grill

    ASMOKE | AS350 Portable Applewood Pellet Grill

    Revolutionary ASMOKE ASCA System™ with Auto-Ashes Cleaning & Micro-particles Vapor Technology Revolutionary Pellet Grill with Brand New Asmoke ASCA System™ TM. After the liquid is vaporized at 600 degrees Celsius, it forms the superheated steam (The volume increases by about 1,244 times) and it pressurizes […] More

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  • Cottonball Home A Luxurious 9-layer Weighted Blanket

    Cottonball Home | A Luxurious 9-layer Weighted Blanket

    100% premium Egyptian cotton + Bamboo | Durable, long-lasting | Hypoallergenic | Luxurious look & feel | Reversible cover You should definitely try Cottonball Home. It will give you that cozy, homey feeling, you’ll never want to leave your bed. Perfect for hot or cold […] More

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  • Secret Whiteboard: Flip From Work to Home In One Motion

    Secret Whiteboard | Flip From Work to Home In One Motion

    A hanging print frame that opens to reveal a large magnetic whiteboard. Make any space multifunctional. Working from home is something we all experienced at some point during the pandemics. I personally completely switched to working from home for good, and now I realize that […] More

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  • Author clock | A Novel Way To Tell The Time

    Dear Readers – Andrea here, Brand new day, brand new product! And this one personally amazed me… As I’m working with books for the last 8 years, this could not be the better product. “Modestly ” speaking I would buy this as a gift for […] More

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  • LUMASHOT The all-in-one kit to make videos the easy way

    LUMASHOT | The all-in-one kit to make videos the easy way

    Instant tripod, one-button mic, remote Autocue, and a faster video editing app, all in one portable kit. This one is for my instalovers. Not just instalovers, but any social media content maker, Lumashot will change your video-making game. Lumashot has just released its all-in-one video […] More

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  • TreePod Canopy pool lounge

    TreePod Canopy | A Spacious Cabana

    Hello dear backers, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Andrea, and today I want to share with you the product that, I hope, will excite you as it did me. TreePod Canopy is a genius invention! As a person that enjoys being outside […] More

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  • Breez

    Breez | 2-in-1 Smart Bedroom Fan + Sound Machine

    Independent control of air and sound. Crank the fan noise or make it silent. Plus scheduling, temperature-sensing start/stop, and more. They took what they learned from making the best sound machine on the market and put it into a smart bedroom fan on which the […] More

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  • SimpleReal

    SimpleReal | First Collapsible Stainless Steel Cookware

    SimpleReal, light packer, made from steel – made to last! When we think about outdoor activities, everything looks perfect in the pictures! But, when it comes to packaging, here comes the first challenge. How to pack light and smart? That’s a million-dollar question! The answer […] More

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  • INVZI Maghub | Pop Up SSD USB-C Hub

    INVZI MagHub – Turn Up SSD USB-C Center Dear backers, readers, and everyone who wants to upgrade their everyday MacBook usage! Mac is a power machine, no doubt. But imagine how much more freedom you can give to yourself with this simple yet powerful gadget. […] More

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  • Bebird P30S

    Bebird P30S | The 3-in-1 Visual Ear Wax Remover

    3 in 1 Miracle Meet the genius – his name is Bebird P30S! Everybody knows that wax protects ears from external factors that can hurt the eardrum. This can be dust, hair, or even tiny bugs. Yet, when build-up occurs, it can cause discomfort, wooziness, […] More

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  • FirstRec

    FirstRec | World’s easiest to use voice recorder

    For the first time, consumers of all ages can experience the unique advantages of audio recording! FirstRec is absolutely first! In a sea full of unnecessary products, here comes something that will make You just say: WOW! Meet FirstRec, a small pocket wonder. After years […] More

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  • Explorer MINI

    Explorer MINI Toiletry Bag

    They are daring you to find a place in your luggage this won’t fit. Dealing with overpack-idus? It’s a great ability to pack less stuff and take precisely what you need. With each trip try to travel lighter & see what you can get away […] More

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  • Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder

    Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder | Pet Feeding Reimagined

    Magnetically secured stainless steel bowls & no mess mat for happy, healthy pets. Lifetime Guarantee Introducing Trot Puzzle Slow Feeder, a magnetic Slow Feeding Puzzle Bowl, and No-Mess Mat. We’ve all experienced the feeling of getting excited when our food comes out, and this usually […] More

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  • Rolley

    Rolley | The Smart Electric Scooter by Scooterson

    Zip across town on the smart e-scooter that’s easy to ride, quick to charge and incredibly secure. Rolley+ uses motion detection, predictive routing algorithms, and A.I. to learn how you ride. When you enable Smart Mode Acceleration, the A.I. takes over and adjusts acceleration levels […] More

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  • Dride 4K


    Dride 4K | Next-gen connected dashcam

    4K, remotely accessible, heat resistant, radar based motion detection, GPS, 4G LTE, dual cam, rear cam Dride 4K is one of the most rigid dashcams in the world. They are adding an Aluminium framework to help with heat dissipation. Getting rid of the heat from […] More

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  • Haxson

    Haxson | Smart AirFan With 20 Features For Your Bed

    Stylish Cooling, Heating, Purifying, And More In One Spot, For Any Spot The reason why we don’t get to see this combination more often it’s due to the fact that most who have attempted have either needed to reduce the fan speed or make a […] More

    127 Points
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