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Latest News

  • u2

    U2 | JMGO’s 4K Tri-Color Laser Tv Projector

    Presenting JMGO U2, a best-in-class 4K projector! With advanced tri-color laser innovation, you get a whole new viewing experience! With that, unparalleled surround system, and also spectacular style. You literally have a full home theater! What’s the benefit of NATIVE Tri-color Technology? This technology was […] More

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  • GOVO T5 Vacuum Insulated Bottle

    GOVO T5 | Vacuum Insulated Bottle

    The water bottle where functionality comes first Introducing the GOVO T5 – the next generation double-wall insulated bottle with Multi-function Carrying System and Surrounding Insulated Lid. It’s the perfect bottle for travelers and what makes it so special is that is vacuum insulated and has […] More

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  • Triclops

    The Triclops | Phantasos Rotating Hour Watch

    Ladies and Gentleman, They are Phantasos Watches! Hello dear readers and backers! Andrea here, and all I have to say is… WOW! Let me present you with PHANTASOS newest brand! It’s a show-stopper of a watch – The Triclops. Three-armed roaming hour watches are unique […] More

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  • foci 2

    FOCI 2 | Work Smart with Powerful Productivity Tech

    Why work hard, when you can work smarter, but less hard? FOCI 2 is an unmatched productivity tool! Along with the best-in-class focus ability training, offer yourself an amazing edge in your career and also grades. Ditch the primitive time tracker and also whatnots! Various […] More

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  • vava chroma

    VAVA Chroma | Triple Laser Projector

    Presenting you the VAVA Chroma! An ultra-short throw projector My dear backers, Andrea here! Although Projectors in the home are not the new thing, this one is something absolutely new! Featuring triple laser innovation, ALPD ® 4.0, Alexa voice control, MEMC, 60W Harman Kardon speakers, […] More

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  • NAKEY | The Case For People Who Hate Cases

    This is the first ultra-slim case that does not break! As we all know, even the priciest thin cases will warp and lose their shape with time. Frequently, really fast after purchase. The outcome is a cheap look and an uncomfortable feel in the hand. […] More

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  • UNLEASHED '22: Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging

    UNLEASHED 22 | Timelapse, LongExposure, Geotagging

    The tiny Unleashed Bluetooth module + our app help you take epic photos and timelapses effortlessly The Unleashed is the swiss army knife of camera accessories. It’s tiny but packed with features. So much more than just a camera remote. It unleashes the full potential […] More

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  • wemax


    Wemax Go | Thinnest ALPD Smart Laser Projector

    Are you tired of the dim, poor-quality home projector? Do you own one, and it simply doesn’t provide a viewing experience you imagined it will? Ever obtain irritated with exactly how cumbersome they are? Probably you have a tough time reconfiguring it after relocation! Well […] More

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  • Pocket 2S

    Pocket 2S | Feiyu’s Ultimate 3-Axis Gimbal Camera

    ‘Compact yet effective!’ This is the trademark of the Feiyu Pocket 2S. This petite gimbal cam is the first of its kind. It is small-sized but brings a lot of versatility. The detachable handle is multi-purpose. Meaning, you have a go-anywhere mountable cam. Integrated magnet […] More

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  • sens.ai

    Sens.ai | Sharper, Faster, Better Brain

    More focus, more productivity, creative thinking, and calm? Have you ever felt like your mind can do more? Get ready! Dear backers, watch this video, it will blow your mind! It takes you only 20 mins a day and 3 times a week! Sens.ai’s patent-pending […] More

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  • World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

    Freewell | World’s 1st Versatile Magnetic VND Camera Filter

    7 Features丨20 Functions丨VND2-5丨VND6-9丨CPL丨ND32/CPL丨VNDXMIST2-5丨VNDXMIST6-9丨GLOW MIST Photographers and videographers, no matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, Freewell Magnetic VND Filter kit will be something you will carry along with your equipment all the time. Very practical and convenient to use, you will enjoy it! Providing […] More

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  • Sailor's Compass by Oceanus Brass

    Sailor’s Compass by Oceanus Brass

    Nautically inspired tools, built to last. The well-known Oceanus Brass has yet another amazing campaign going on. This time is the Sailor’s Compass which every nautical enthusiast will love. As usual, the most prominent features are top-quality, outstanding performance, and uniqueness. The campaign is now […] More

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  • Center Cam

    Center Cam | A middle-screen webcam

    Hello, my dear backers comunity! Whether you are a teacher, marketing specialist, doctor… Today, everybody interacts via cam! Stood out with this tinny gadget, and present yourself as a real professional! Why is Center Cam so special? Well, it transforms the focal angle from screen-edge […] More

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