0.7 Wallet | Italian Leather With Dual-Sided RFID Technology

0.7 wallet

0.7mm Razor-Thin premium leather wallet with dual-sided card scanning designs and customizable features

0.7 Wallet | Experience More With a Flick of The Wrist

In June 2021 Hank Max was excited to announce the launch of their new project, the 0.7 Wallet, on Kickstarter. The design is a 0.7mm razor-thin premium leather with dual-sided card scanning designs and customizable features. They designed the 0.7 Wallet with precision to the micro-millimeter.

0.7 Wallet

The goal is to create the slimmest & smallest wallet physically possible, without compromising functionality! It starts out as thin as a credit card which is only 0.7mm in thickness. As you insert cash and cards it will expand to fit your needs. It will only ever be as thick as what’s inside.

Despite its small size, this new wallet perfectly fits your cash and up to 10 credit cards.

The 0.7 Wallet is made with premium Italian vegetable tanned leather, certified by the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium. The material is special for its strength and durability. Additionally, with full RFID protection making sure all your personal information is safe and secure.

0.7 Wallet

Their goal is maximizing comfort without compromising function or style. The whole wallet is from a single piece of leather. In other words, freeing you from all the loose ends and potential damages to the wallet.

From texture to the design, every bit of detail allows you to live a simplified life without losing the joy of owning a delicate piece of accessories.

0.7 Wallet

Offering a more durable seamless solution for the ones that want to live a fluid, classy lifestyle. The 0.7 Wallet also comes with a special feature solving the most common problem with RFID cards which is cross interference that might cause cards to lose their functionality.

With their specially designed RFID blocking technology layered with anti-induction sleeves, conductive resin, and metallic blocking layers, 0.7 Wallet makes sure cross-interference won’t be a problem anymore. With two card placing slots for you to easily place your RFID cards in for quick scanning without any cross-interference.

0.7 Wallet

RFID cards can be read at a meter with powerful RFID readers and the real concern is 30+ meters by hackers. Therefore, contactless cards are not secure. So their RFID blocking layers reduce the transmitted signal power of the reader. Consequently, it’s making it impossible to steal info from your cards that are protected in their special card slot, keeping your personal info safe and secure!

As time goes by, 0.7 Wallet develops a natural patina. Adding another element to its look and a softer, more forgiving texture. Moreover making it a truly unique and eye-catching piece that mirrors your lifestyle and reflects your habits!

0.7 Wallet

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