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4K Gamer Pro | Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch to 4K

Finally, push your Nintendo Switch even more from 1080p1!

4K Gamer Pro couple playing

At the same time experience, what is it like to play your preferred games in 4K. Your visual experience will not be the same with the new 4K Player Pro. You can upgrade your games effortlessly.  Without any lag or drop in FPS. Pick the ideal settings to match your choice. Now, with 3 different enhancement choices for 4K. With 4K Player Pro, take your gaming to a whole new level.

4K Player Pro boosts the resolution a lot.

4K Gamer Pro resolution

Also, enhances the image making it “fragile, clear, as well as 3D.” Using image processing technology can accomplish sharper images and better color. Besides, the depth of the field is unique to the GPU. This develops an exceptional finish. Almost as if it was a shot made by a professional digital photographer.

Visual optimization comes in 3 levels, according to your personal needs.

4K Gamer Pro couple

You can choose the best quality to fits your television, game, and whatever you require. Find the perfect enhancement level! Get one of the most comfortable visual experiences for your games.4K Gamer Pro lets you choose!

The 4K Gamer Pro offers a new degree of video improvement.

That way ensure you get the best of gaming experience. There is a 20% rise in sharpness, color, as well as depth. They have actually achieved a new level of image quality. Especially for Switch games. They provide these gains to you with great joy.

Gaming requires a lot more than just picture quality. The level of smoothness and frame rate are important also. After months of investigating and also screening, they’ve done it.

features of 4K Gamer Pro

They ensured a true 4K upscale experience. And without a decrease in frameworks.Switch owners have opened doors to a whole new gaming experience. High-resolution video quality is at its peak, without sacrificing FPS or experiencing any lag.

4K Gamer Pro increases the depth of field in your game.

With a boosted visual experience everything ends up being more clear. From characters in the game or distant objects. That is what using advanced imaging processing can bring to you.

4K Gamer Pro on the table
  • Advanced Image Sharpening

Enhance the item’s contrast, segmentation, as well as edges. The 4K Game Pro develops clarity and Sharpness while lessening jagged pictures.

  • No Compromise for colors

By boosting the contrast of low-light pictures they managed to bring more detail to life in each frame. Lightening up the image makes it look a lot more vivid. Even though saturation is not applied.  With its innovation 4K Gamer Pro insert points and established the color value of existing pixels.  The basis assigns shade values to pixels in nearby intervals. Also, execute color procedures in 4 vertical and horizontal dimensions. The pixels are inserted after the operation to transform the 1080p image to 4K.

boosted performance with 4K Gamer Pro

A cutting-edge Fujitsu Chip inserted in 4K Gamer Pro offers specialized color, brightness, and contrast.

Richer information in darker shades results in a stunning picture. Even more than when paired with shade and high-contrast technologies. 4K Gamer Pro is not designed just for the Nintendo Switch. Its special digital processors likewise provide assistance for the PS4, Wii U, Xbox360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S(1080p), Apple TV(HD Version), and Chromecast.T

4K Gamer Pro card

They advise using a high-speed 4K 2.0 a HDMI wire.

With it, you get the best visual enhancement. If you aren’t sure of your HDMI wire model, you can buy the tested PhotoFast. It is the high-speed HDMI cable for television, offered as an add-on.

The group behind the 4K Player Pro has over 40 years of experience. Image enhancement is their company’s core business. PhotoFast, has been driven by a basic motto since the 1980s, “Keep your precious moment”.


Their journey began at a little shop in Taiwan. By creating a fast film as well as supplying the best quality photo they won the hearts of the customers.

They become PhotoFast Global in 2003. As the digital era arrived, they needed to follow it to succeed. They dug deep into image innovation to boost picture quality. The need for high-resolution digital jobs is growing. They also began to develop as well as produce user-friendly consumer electronic devices. With their quality, they manage to expand to more than 50 countries.

Their latest innovation is 4K Gamer Pro. All of them are Nintendo Switch players. So they are aware of the main problem – the lack of 4K compatibility on their consoles. Utilizing their mixed experience, they created this marvelous gadget. The world’s first 1080P to 4K Auto Enhance Switch assistant!

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