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Aberlite Pro | Professional Beard and Hair Straightener

The most advanced purpose-built beard and hair straightening brush. Nail a neat beard in just 2 min.

The most advanced purpose-built beard & hair straightener.

Aberlite Pro is the premier, salon-quality men’s grooming tool designed for all types of beards and hair.

Featured in the New York Times July 2020 styling article by Adam Newman.

Are your beard and your hair often unruly? 

If this is you in the morning, then you need the Aberlite Pro.

Look and feel your best with softer, neater beard in 2 minutes.

Yes, that is the same guy from before.

Your search for the perfect men’s grooming tool ends here. 

If you are always having trouble grooming your beard to masculine perfection or simply want to reduce the amount of time you spend taming your mane, then read this.

Not like the other women’s brushes.

These women’s hair straightening brushes shipped from overseas and re-branded as beard straighteners, which makes up 99% of “beard brushes” you see online. Not us. 

We developed the Aberlite Pro from the ground up, spaced the heating elements closer together, and shortened the bristles. The unique four-column bristle structure allows for closer contact to your face and scalp, which outperforms women’s hair brushes on the shorter hair of men.

Developed for the demands of all men’s hair. 

A beast for demands of both beards and hair.

Aberlite Pro is specifically designed for beards and works with facial hair of any length or thickness. The heated bristles are perfectly distanced 2mm (~5/64″) away from your face, maximizing contact with hair, but keeping your skin cool. Negative ion conditioning and an anti-static coating detangle even the toughest knots. Coupled with these elements is advanced PTC heating, which delivers consistent, safe, and effective heat for long-lasting results in minutes.

See the difference.

Real beards vs. the Aberlite Pro.

 Why Pro is the most advanced purpose-built beard and hair straightener? 

Anti-Scald technology

Hot where it needs to be, but cool against your face. The 2mm Anti-Scald Comb Tooth Technology allows you to efficiently straighten your beard close to its roots without burning. The brush bristles have cold tips that contact your face to prevent burns.

Results in 2 minutes. Less heat damage to hair.

Cool enough to touch your face!

Pain-free straightening on your most sensitive skin!

Advanced PTC heating technology – Consistent heat, less heat damage.

Aberlite Pro heats up quickly thanks to its unique PTC heating technology and only takes a couple minutes of use to make beards manageable and tamed for days. Simply plug the device in, select your desired temperature setting, and brush to your beard!

Engineered with automatic shutoff.

In a rush and forgot that you left the Pro on? No problem. It shuts off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity to give you peace of mind.

From mitigating burns to turning off if you forget about the brush and walk away, the Pro was designed with your safety in mind. Each brush is tested to strict standards to ensure these features are working as designed.

Ergonomic handle.

The handle fits comfortably in your hand and provides a good grip while you style, reducing wrist strain, and makes it easy for you to get that beard on point.

Suitable for all types of beards – even short ones.

 Precise temperature range.

Have you every tried to straighten your beard with unintended consequences: whether leaving your beard too straight, or not straight enough?

The Aberlite Pro solves this problem by featuring eight temperature settings: 250/280/300/320/340/360/380/400°F.

Just select the right heat setting according to your particular need to give your beard the perfect shape. Not too curly, and not too straight.

Great for styling hair too!

The Aberlite Pro works great to style your hair as well, especially with shorter men’s hair. The Pro is a functional upgrade to noisy, bulky blow dryers and larger rounded brushes designed for women’s hair.

Fast heating – Great results in 2 minutes. 

The Aberlite Pro reaches its maximum temperature of 400° F (200°C) in just over a minute and stays there. Unlike other brushes, the Pro uses PTC heating technology to maintain a consistent level of heat and does not require time to reheat after each pass.

Harness negative ions.

Aberlite Pro easily slides through your facial hair with less snagging and frizz thanks to advanced ionic conditioning, which emits negative ions during use, and anti-static coating features. Hair detangles instantly and stays groomed days later.

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