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ACASIS | A Super Fast External SSD & 10-in-1 Hub

ACASIS Swappable High-Speed SSD Storage & 10-In-1 Hub

A Lightweight&Portable 10-in-1 SSD Hub with Up to 1000MB/s Read and Write Speed, Compatible with Your Phones, Pads, Macs, and Other PCs

Introducing ACASIS, a Super-Fast External M.2 SSD which is fit for Multiple SSD interfaces and sizes. No matter how many types of SSD’s you have, ACASIS is compatible with them all. ACASIS is also a 10-in-1 Multifunctional Hub for you to transfer data among all your devices and expansive what you want. No more limited device storage and sluggish data transfer.

ACASIS Swappable High-Speed SSD Storage & 10-In-1 Hub

Say goodbye to messy desktop connections, you only need ACASIS.

To reach maximum read and write speeds of nearly 1,000 MB/s, you need to use M.2 NVME SSD and transfer through USB 3.1 interface. Performance may vary depending on your device configuration. Test system configuration: inch MacBook Pro, SMI 2263 256G M.2 SSD.

With Up to 1000M/s read and write speed, ACASIS performs perfectly. It means that 10GB files are transferred in only 10 seconds which is 15X more than your traditional HDD.

ACASIS Swappable High-Speed SSD Storage & 10-In-1 Hub

Uniquely designed for all kinds of Solid-State Drive. ACASIS allows you to change a new SSD card when the old one is used up. The installation is Super Easy & Quick—less than one minute—thanks to the Tool-Free Design. The aluminum case can be easily slid in/out in one smooth motion and the SSD can be simply inserted without a screw.

ACASIS works with SSD cards of capacity up to 8TB, big enough to store thousands of 1GB files. Compared to other SSD with fixed or much smaller storage capacity, ACASIS enables you to hold unlimited data in hand without additional applications or privacy-unfriendly clouds.

ACASIS Swappable High-Speed SSD Storage & 10-In-1 Hub

The HDMI [email protected] of ACASIS can be used to expand extra displays. Therefore, it is perfect for programmers, designers, and videographers to greatly improve working efficiency.

ACASIS’s SD/TF slots allow reading files in two different memory cards at the same time, saving up your time and bringing more convenience.

The USB-C PD port on ACASIS delivers a Max 100 Watts power to your Macbook or other USB-C devices. It means that ACASIS is able to fast charge your devices while using all the other ports.

ACASIS Swappable High-Speed SSD Storage & 10-In-1 Hub

ACASIS’s 3.1 Gen2 interfaces and M.2 NVMe/ NGFF technology significantly advance its transfer speed and compatibility. ACASIS is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs. It also works with Android smartphones and tablets which support Type-C OTG.

Fitting in the palm of your hand, ACASIS is absolutely the Smallest and Mightiest SSD Hub for you to carry around. It also makes a perfect everyday carry item being only 5.1oz in weight.

ACASIS Swappable High-Speed SSD Storage & 10-In-1 Hub

Aluminum Alloy case gives ACASIS a sense of technology and better thermolysis which ensures a low operating temperature of below 131℉ (55℃) even when transferring large amounts of data. Moreover, the corrugated design of the SSD cover increases heat dissipation and firm grip. In other words, ACASIS is committed to protecting your files and hands.

Superior to traditional HDDs, ACASIS external SSD is built to withstand fierce shocks and vibrations. It can survive drops from as high as 10ft. So don’t worry, ACASIS is your best option when it comes to data storage!

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