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ACPOTEL | The best-buy night vision binoculars!


Hello backers! Today I’m here with binoculars that you have never seen before (with)!

Binoculars should do so much more than just magnify! Through extensive redesigning and also analysis of the most frustrating issues, they’ve created ACPOTEL!

  • larger screen
  • integrated night vision that lasts for approximately 8 hrs on a single charge
  • the power to bring the darkness to life and light like never before
acpotel in action

They deliver a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Meaning, you can use your Night Vision Field Glasses time after time. And again, without needing to frequently charge. Night Vision binoculars assure 8 hrs of continuous power when IR is deactivated. Plus, you can recharge as much as 20000 times.

Each set of ACPOTEL Night Vision Binoculars is very modes in size…

Yet mighty in power! Fits every backpack! They are made from a durable yet lightweight and shock-resistant silicone exterior. You won’t even notice them until you need them. Did I mention that the 18650 battery is only 43g?

acpotel in close

These changed binoculars turned into a space-saving trinocular style. That way delivers a lot more impressive visual quality. Even under one of the most challenging conditions. Thanks to its covering full optical system, shine, rain, or snow, your new Night Vision Binoculars will see it all. Also, your visibility will not be exposed to the animals of the night. This is possible thanks to concealed lens innovation.

hunting, outdoor, night fishing

With horizontal and vertical marking you can effortlessly change your angle. Also, track targets with greater speed and flexibility. Now, the only thing that matters is your professionalism and precision.

tree acpotel modes

To avoid monotonous picture display, ACPOTEL has 3 display screen modes.

  • game mode
  • professional mode
  • pure mode

 According to the scene you observe, you can set various experience modes. Different modes integrate with different observation scenarios. Enhance your immersion!

lenses of acpotel

The battery that powers ACPOTEL supports 3-level 850nm IR brightness modes. The wavelength is 850nm.

See further, see clearer!

In addition, see with even more clarity, than ever before. Up to 500m! With high and low beam double IR lighting, ACPOTEL easily adjusts to short and long-distance. What’s hidden in the dark comes into perfect light and focus.

large screen for better view

Each pair of ACPOTEL Night Vision comes geared up with a 4.5″ HD IPS display. In that way, you have a larger watching window. Also, a visual experience unlike any other.

parts of acpotel

Capture your view with very easy one-touch operation. Simply adjust your exposure and ISO, and let the ACPOTEL do the rest.

It’s not the best feeling to have binocular pressed against your face…

Unless you have ACPOTEL. Offering comfortable wear matched just by the protection of the built-in eye guard. Accompanied by a cross-grip design you will achieve the elbow’s all-natural bending placement.

man in the woods with bino

Usually, choosing to zoom in it significantly minimize the quality of your view. That all changes with ACPOTEL, with 5X optical and 8X digital zoom! while keeping the stability of your sight with incremental zoom.

city view

Even in complete darkness, ACPOTEL captures outstanding photos. it sees what no human can. And with crystal-clear vision!

Capture and store every moment safely.

It can provide such phenomenal optical clarity, with 500m/1640 feet infinity. Even in the most inadequately lit conditions. Pitch blackness stands no chance against its lighting power.

card storage

With ACPOTEL’s inbuilt 8GB storage you can store 1000 excellent quality photos. As well as 120-minutes video clips. for those who need more storage, you can insert a 32GB SD card easily. Eager to see what you’ve caught on a larger display? Connect ACPOTEL to an external computer display via USB 2.0!

car zooming

Hands-free is so easy with ACPOTEL’s. With in-built screws for fast and also easy tripod accessory.

Acpotel is also waterproof.

You don’t have to worry, about day-to-day usage. Also, it functions flawlessly under severe weather.

man near the river

From night hunting to reconnaissance. You can use it for

  • safety and  monitoring,
  •  outdoor camping,
  • wildlife observation,
  •  bird viewing,
  • search and rescue

Basically, it’s every outdoors enthusiast’s favored new buddy!

team acpotel

As a specialist in laser measurement, ACPOTEL integrates R&D, production, and also sales. Its main products consist of high-tech laser rangefinders and lidars. In the following few years, they will not stop entering the fields of industrial automation. Their focus is to upgrade knowledge, visual imaging, customer electronic tools… And finally, the commitment to give the top quality laser measurement products to the user.


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