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Dynamic and safe aerial videos for everyone. Simply throw your phone to get unforeseen, engaging and immersive perspectives.

The young startup AERVIDEO announces its new product ‘AER TYP’. It allows users to throw smartphones for aerial photos and videos.

What sounds crazy at first, actually makes a lot of sense. We all have capable cameras in our pockets – So we can simply throw them to get unforeseen, engaging, and immersive perspectives. AERVIDEO has years of experience throwing cameras. With their new product, they’re now expanding their target audience to all smartphone owners.


The CEO, Pablo Trautwein says they know throwing cameras works and the resulting videos are amusing their existing community. With the AER TYP, they’re now making this possible for everyone.

Safety was the main focus of the young team during the design process.

They have collaborated with designers, aerodynamic and material experts to create a product that checks all the boxes. It’s compatible with all smartphones, protects them from the impact, flies smoothly, and is portable. Extensive user testing has been done and the manufacturing is done entirely in Germany. Estimated shipping is in April 2022.


Once the AER for GoPros gained traction, more and more people started reaching out that they wanted to capture such unique perspectives too but were in lack of a GoPro to do so.

So AERVIDEO started working on a version of the AER that makes the previously inaccessible art of cinematography available to everyone. The result is the AER TYP.

The AER TYP enables unique, immersive, and engaging perspectives that no other device on the market offers. Not even drones can re-create the dynamic nature of an AERshot. Next to that, using AER TYP is a whole lot of fun. It’s like playing catch with friends and family, but with your phone inside to capture those treasured moments.


First, insert your phone and assemble the Head. Then, slide the Wings together and attach them to the Head. All you can do is throw the AER TYP for stunning aerial footage.

The AER TYP is designed in such a way that all well-established phones are compatible. Only some exotic models like some foldable phones are incompatible.


With the AER 2.0, they created a more durable version of the AER. They’ve found a better material for the Wings, which is able to take a real beating. It will survive hard landings and clumsy catches. These new Wings are attached with a new part, the AER 2.0 Wing Adaptor. Therefore, the Strap and Spacer are no longer needed anymore.

The AER 2.0 allows you to throw your GoPro, whereas the AER TYP allows you to throw your phone.

The AER TYP is designed for longevity. Its extraordinary durability allows thousands of throws, instead of being just a single-use product. That’s also why they avoided the usage of adhesives altogether. It allows for easy replacing and repairing of single parts. This also enables homogenous sorting at the end of the product life cycle to make recycling as easy as possible. They also offer their customers to send the AER TYP back to them, so that they can take care of the recycling for them.


Each component of the AER TYP is produced in Germany under fair working conditions. They were able to visit the factories and check whether the manufacturers can keep up with their social and ecological standards. Keeping the entire supply chain geographically close, they avoid unnecessary emission of CO2. Moreover, the same goes for the delivery of the AER TYP itself: all parcels will be delivering with GoGreen shipping.

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