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AimCharge 2 | 6-IN-1 Wireless Dock to Charge All Your Devices

AimCharge 2

Includes a smart tracking wireless charging stand, two-sided pad & USB ports for phone, Apple Watch, earbuds & laptop all at once

After the success of AimCharge, they created an upgraded model based on the first generation.  Only this time they included even better features!

AimCharge 2

They are proud to introduce AimCharge 2, the ultimate charging dock that helps to organize your desktop and solve the problem of insufficient charging adapters or power points. Apart from the initial auto-align function, AimCharge 2 has been upgraded with a double-sided, removable, and portable wireless charging bar and extended charging ports for laptops or other devices. AimCharge 2 can now juice up all of your devices at the same time!

Enjoy a seamless charging experience in a compact form that fits perfectly on your desk or nightstand.

AimCharge 2

The light glowing means it’s aligning!

AimCharge 2 is compatible with most smartphones in Portrait or Landscape position, even working for iPhone13!

Unlike other wireless chargers, there’s no “guesswork” when it comes to finding a wireless charging coil. With the auto-align technology, AimCharge 2 can quickly detect where the wireless charging coil of your phone is and power it up 22% faster than ordinary chargers.

AimCharge 2 is compatible with a variety of smartphones: Samsung, Xiaomi, and even the newest iPhone 13 and Apple Watch. There is also a tracking light on the side of the dock so you can easily see when your device has started charging.

AimCharge 2

Removable and Portable Wireless charging bar For Apple Watch and compatible earbuds

The smallest 2-in-1 wireless

A charging bar allows you to charge your Apple Watch or wireless earbuds. You can also use it individually with a single Type-C charging cable.

This is the smallest 2-in-1 15W wireless charger ever! The double-sided charging bar is removable and can be used independently. Plugin the Type-C charger, and charge your wireless earbuds, phones, or any other devices with QI technology. And if you flip it over, you can charge your Apple Watch. It’s so small you can even slip it in your pocket.

AimCharge 2

Two built-in charging modules to wirelessly power up Apple Watch on one side and compatible earbuds case on the other

Charge more devices conveniently and simultaneously. Even your laptop!

When charging a laptop, AimCharge 2 will prioritize the power of Type-C and ensure that your laptop will be charging first and fast.

Another AimCharge 2 upgrade is adding extended charging ports. There are one Type-C and two USB-A charging ports for charging laptops, tablets, speakers, lamps, and more. These charging ports make it possible to power up all electronic devices simultaneously.

AimCharge 2

Achieve Speed Charging for All Devices

There is also a PD100W Type-C power input port. If you have a PD100W adapter, AimCharge 2 will maximize its functions and power up all your devices in a snap.

Free your hands in video calls or entertaining.

Just like the first generation, AimCharge 2 keeps its ergonomic phone stand design. You can easily unlock your phone with the FaceID in the portrait position without holding it in your hand. Whether you are watching videos, movies, or having a video call, you can free your hands and still use your phone without the power getting cut off.

AimCharge 2

With AimCharge 2, No more massive desktop with tons of chargers and adapters!

AimCharge 2 is a charging port that organizes your desktop. No more bulky and ugly charging cables, or not having enough adapters or power points. If you want to keep your phone, tablet, earbuds, and laptop power up together, do it! With just one AimCharge 2 and up to three charging cables, all devices can be charged together without wires everywhere!

AimCharge 2

Use AimCharge 2 anywhere: in the office, the meeting room, and at home. No matter where you use it, it keeps everything charged, clear, and tidy!

Kinglink is a company devoted to producing the best wireless charger that improves user experience. Their vision is to bring more high-quality, convenient, easy-to-use, and safe products to every user.

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