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Dear backers, presenting you with the best mobile security camera on the market!

Aioto go

AIOTO GO has it all. You are now able to put your security in the hands of this small yet powerful device. If you are thinking about purchasing something that will make your life easier and safer, read this. You will immediately want to have this by your side!

The AIOTO GO is miles ahead of traditional security video cameras

Providing 4G LTE mobile connectivity, object detection Technology and an optional solar power bank gives you a whole new experience in supervision. With its user-friendly software program with superior product quality. The AIOTO GO makes every effort to make your life much better and also bring you security and calmness.

camera filming

Fed up with running wires to and from your current security cameras?

Does an unsteady Wi-Fi link annoy you? Not to mention – blurred video clip footage? You are never sure if the alert is false, or you have to be in worry? AIOTO GO takes care of everything.

Aioto GO design

It’s mobile and weatherproof! You can install it anywhere, inside or outdoors. You can have your vacation home or other property under surveillance when you’re not there!

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Unlike other cameras that depend upon Wi-Fi, the AIOTO GO operates also on a 4G LTE network. This is extremely useful for areas with restricted or no Wi-Fi access. It also comes with a FREE 4G mobile sim card in a package. Also, provides pre-activated 100 MB of data. You don’t have to shop or sign up for a contract plan with a mobile broadband company. AIOTO GO takes care of every little thing.

functions of Aioto go

The AIOTO GO can run an impressive 2 months standby time with only one battery charge! You can connect the camera to the Solar Panel with a 5200mAh battery power. This way you achieve continual power. The weather-resistant solar panel is very easy to adjust to direct solar exposure.

Aioto GO and solar panel

 AIOTO GO only sends you a notification when it truly matters

Thanks to AIOTO’s innovative 4-steps A.I. detection technology, he distinct humans, animals, and also vehicles. This lowers false notifies by 90%! You will just get the alert that matters to you. To preserve your data, he only sends you what is relevant to your needs.

4 steps detecting

AIOTO GO will send you the notification as soon as motion is detected, along with a picture. That way you can determine whether to download the footage after reviewing the picture.

With this thoughtful layout process, you have the ability to save only what you really want. Connect as many cameras as you want to the AIOTO app! Use smart scheduling so you can set each electronic camera’s work to fit your needs.

Aioto GO and animals

The AIOTO GO covers a horizontal 130° wide visual field

The wide-angle lens offers a panoramic view without areas missed. Optimal for identifying individuals on your property or seeing wildlife passing by.

all weather camera

Record full HD 1080p videos at a smooth 30 frames per second. The AIOTO GO includes a Top-of-the-line Sony Starvis CMOS image sensor unit. Not that he just records sharp and also brilliant videos during the day, yet supplies crisp and clear night vision. It captures the smallest information in low-light problems.

aioto go on house

The AIOTO GO is designed to work in a variety of problems. It’s IP65-rated (dustproof and waterproof) and can stand rainfall, snow, intense cold, and also heat. Outdoors or indoors, install it in different areas. Or perhaps, take it camping with you?

where to put camera

The AIOTO GO has an app that’s developed so you can quickly set it up. From another location, you can see what’s happening on your property, anytime and from anywhere.

No matter where you are, there is a two-way interaction. It enables you to listen and also talk to anyone you see. The application is connected to the AIOTO GO’s integrated speaker and microphone. That way you can communicate with them instantly, wherever you are!

team of developers

Open the app and transform your mobile phone into an FHD Livestream for your AIOTO GO! You can also include all your video cameras in the app. It is much easier to use your AIOTO Go with AIOTO Mobile plan data.

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