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Airwirl | Personal Air Purifier & Mobile Cooling System with Filter

Better air quality and refreshing cool air relief…anywhere!

Airwirl’s Evolution

Airwirl has evolved from its initial Kickstarter Personal Cooling System to a completely new and important product.  We created the very 1st portable, personal cooling device that actually changes hot ambient temperatures for immediate cool down relief, anywhere.

           Now, Airwirl’s team has brought “personal air purification” to a whole new level, whereby you can actually purify the air you breath by more than 99%,  “everywhere you go”, with a totally mobile, easy to use operating system.

           Designed for use with or without PPE or face mask protection, Airwirl delivers over 85 liters of pure, fresh clean air to your “immediate” breathing space that you can “feel and breath“ effortlessly when positioned 6-24” away from your face, neck and or upper torso body areas.

           The original Airwirl has morphed into a sophisticated, highly efficient personal air filtration system safe enough to use on a plane, at work, home, school, or for play. We are launching this completely new product, with a made in the USA, 30-60 day replaceable AllergyShield tm nanofiber filter module, combined with our original high quality and audience-tested and approved turbine fan lid, and fully insulated 18/8 stainless steel tumbler design.

The all-new Airwirl Personal Air Purifier utilizes a medical-grade electrostatic pre-filter material (patented) built into the motorized fan lid, and a 1st-to-market “no-touch” drop-in filter that provides over 99% filtration efficiency of a wide variety of aerosols, allergens, and or airborne particles common to the air we breathe, indoors or out. The unique 2-speed turbine fan operating system has also evolved as well. It’s now more powerful, more energy-efficient, and substantially quieter than our 1st “air cooling only” Kickstarter product.  We now offer a Jet Nozzle for quieter operation and improve airflow, a weather-resistant direct-power micro USB outlet, two-speed airflow (high/low), auto shut-off timer, and now include 3 AA Ultimate Lithium Brand batteries for extended mobile air purification performance, and a new 60” long, low profile right angle micro USB power cable, and a new nail saver battery cover tab for easier battery install. All of these engineered features are significant enhancements to the original Kickstarter Airwirl “cooling only” model.

           We are ready to introduce this exciting new product to the world exclusively on Kickstarter, so we can satisfy this “unmet customer need ” with the latest 100% recyclable and landfill safe filtration technology, in a compact mobile device that is easy to clean, sanitize and replace filters with an exclusive “no-touch” filter design. 

Projects that share things that already exist, or repackage a previously-created product, without adding anything new or aiming to iterate on the idea in any way.

Don’t just cover up, purify the air you breathe…

As many recent articles by the CDC and other public health organizations indicate, breathing outdoor fresh and clean filtered air can potentially help anyone feel healthy, and help reduce the concentrations of and potential exposure risk to certain public air quality conditions.

In today’s seasonal allergy and hot weather conditions, it is comforting to know there is a “go anywhere” 20 degree cool down solution, that can also help reduce many allergens and other aerosols from your immediate breathing space… even on a plane, at work, sporting events, shopping or at home!

Airwirl can filter the air you breathe with a patent-pending “no-touch” 100% recyclable air filter with AllergyShield™ nanofiber filtration technology. It’s made in the USA and utilizes an all-new composite filter construction.

And when it’s time to ensure the air you breathe is truly “fresh and clean”, simply wipe down and dry your Airwirl with a disinfecting wipe of your choice.  Then drop-in a new Mobile Air Filter, and turn on the 2-speed fan.

Airwirl delivers over 10 times the volume of clean air you can actually breathe “each minute”, with its patent-pending drop-in “no-touch” air filter, and its quiet 45-60 dB turbine fan.

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Airwirl's team has brought "personal air purification" to a whole new level, whereby you can actually purify the air you breathe by more than 99%, “everywhere you go”, with a totally mobile, easy to use operating system. Thumbs up to the creators!!

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