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All-In-Sensor | Worlds first Multi-Sensor


It replaces all devices and gives you security and control for all your property

With more than 18 sensors and functions, the All-In-Sensor is effective and affordable. Gone are the days of purchasing a stand-alone security system AND a motion detector AND a temperature sensor. This powerful device does it all.

  • It can monitor, protect, measure, and control any environment you want.
  • Place several in your home and you have a solid security system
  • Keep one in your car, your RV, your hotel room, or your office and you know your possessions are safe at all times
  • Place one in your storefront and know when someone has entered
  • Track the light, humidity, gases, and water in your bathroom, greenhouse, or reptile tank and have peace of mind wherever you g
  • Installation is a breeze with All-In-Sensor’s adhesive pad. Stick it on a window frame, a wall, a window, or any other hard surface and you’re ready to use it!
  • Receive instant alerts from the All-In-Sensor when something triggers the alarm. Set your preferences in the accompanying app.
  • Place All-In-Sensor in your car and be notified of any disturbances.
  • It’s easy to monitor temperature and humidity with the All-In-Sensor. Place it in a bathroom, a greenhouse, or a sauna for quick and easy monitoring.
  • When connected to smart lights, the All-In-Sensor can facilitate motion-activated light.

The app allows you to store multiple phone numbers. When something triggers the alarm, you can notify multiple people.


Personalize your preferences in the intuitive app. Set sensor thresholds, trigger responses, and connect smart home devices all in one place

Use the app to control your smart home devices from anywhere! This allows you to respond to situations, alarms, and notifications you receive, even when you’re not there.

The All-In-Sensor has an endless range of potential applications

With the All-In-Sensor and your smartphone, you can control, secure, measure, and monitor any space you want. An All-In-Sensor can monitor a whole room up to approximately 50 square meters (540 sq ft) for all common hazards and control any of space’s smart home devices.


Connect the All-In-Sensor with a smartphone via a special Bluetooth signal. This smartphone works as a “control center”. It can be your smartphone if you are in the range of the All-In-Sensor or you use the Direct-Smarter Connector if you are far away.

It uses Bluetooth 4.2 LE and has a range of about 30m (100ft) indoors and 150m (500ft) outdoors.

You can turn on each sensor and function individually and adjust the sensitivity. You can also set up alarms, notifications, and even actions that are triggered if a sensor’s set threshold is reached.


In case of an alarm or an event like the motion detector triggers or the room temperature rises above 30°C (86°F), the All-In-Sensor sends a signal to your smartphone. The smartphone makes a loud alarm or inform other people via call, SMS, mail or push notification

When you use the AIS Receiver App on your smartphone, you will get the information 1 second after the event occurs via Push Notification

The All-In-Sensor app integrates with your smart home devices and allows you to respond with appropriate and immediate responses


Say you own a vacation home that occasionally you let others rent. Before your visitors arrive, you can know the temperature, security, and status of the entire home. You can prepare it for their arrival by turning on lights, the water heater, and adjusting the thermostat. You can monitor when they arrive when they leave, and what amenities they use. And you can make sure that the place is safe and secure when they leave.

They will continually develop an add specific technologies

With our smart home power plug, you have the ability to respond to any alert, alarm, or condition by turning on/off the light, radio, air conditioning, heater, or appliance. You can control your smart home devices manually, or you can pre-program a response in the All-In-Sensor app.

We are already working on MQTT for connecting the All-In-Sensor with other smart home systems like Philips Hue, Apple Homekit, and so on so that you can use them together if you like.


The All-In-Sensor app allows you to program actions that your smart home will take if certain sensor thresholds are triggered. For example, if it is night and it is dark and there is a movement, the light will switch on. Or, if there is too much moisture in the bathroom, the window will open. With a smart power plug, you can switch on/off any electric device like lights, music, air conditioning, heat, and so on.

Very helpful: you create your own smart processes just with few clicks on your smartphone, the new technology allows the cooperation of up to 5 sensors in the All-In-Sensor to control your electric devices in any way you want.



If you are in the proximity of the All-In-Sensor or switches (in buildings up to 50m / 150ft or an open field up to 150m / 500ft), all signals can be received and sent directly with your smartphone/tablet.

Neither a Wifi nor an internet or cellular connection is necessary for this.

You operate your own private local network, this is possible at any place you want.

You install the AIS Center App directly onto your Android smartphone/tablet and can use all functions directly. (The iOS App is in the works and will be available in time with All-In-Sensor delivery)



If you want to use the signals over long distances, you need the DST-Connector in the area of your All-In-Sensors or switches. The DST-Connector establishes a connection between the All-In-Sensor and switches to your (far away) smartphone/tablet.        

This connection is made via a secure M2M (machine to machine) cellular connection and works worldwide.

No data is stored on cloud servers, this gives you 100% data and hacker protection.  The DST- Connector can manage up to 99 sensors and smart switches in its environment and can be used at any place, indoor and outdoor, also moble in vehicles.

The weatherproof housing of the connector allows the use at any place and a world sim card for direct contact to your smartphone is also already cost-free integrated.

The special Direct-Smarter SIM card is already included in the connector and automatically logs into the stronger cellular network, regardless of where you use the connector. Mobile use (e.g. in vehicles) is also possible.


Direct-Smarter SIM card includes the data volume for an average usage period of 5 years; if necessary, you can extend it at any time for $49.

For intensive data traffic, the connector can also be connected to the local WiFi network, the Direct-Smarter SIM card then works as a backup if the WiFi connection is disturbed.

The Connector is ready for use immediately, no registration or contract conclusion is necessary and there are no monthly costs.

To connect your smartphone to the connector, you will install the AIS Receiver app for Android or IOS on your smartphone/tablet.

It enables a direct connection to the connector, the All-In-Sensor, and switches.  The AIS Receiver app is available in the IOS store and Google play.

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