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ALNPET+ | Make Your Pets Fall In Love With Drinking Water

ALNPET+ | Make Your Pets Fall In Love With Drinking Water

Pet water fountain providing the world’s cleanest water with UVC, nanosilver filters purifying drinking water for your pets.

Did you know that the water at your home might be contaminated? Despite a filter in your pet’s current water fountain, all types of dirty particles could flow into their stomach each day, triggering issues in the long term.

Probably it happened before that you changed the water, yet why does your pet still avoid consuming it? Is there something you don’t know? Or is it something you can’t see in the water?

ALNPET Make Your Pets Fall In Love With Drinking Water

Dirty water bowls, unclean water, undetected pollutants may all bring about severe diseases for our little fur-balls. That’s why they created a water fountain that cares for everything!

ALNPET is made to resolve the discomforts and issues of most pet owners, so your animals can remain healthy and balanced and live longer by consuming clean and filtered water. With smart sensors and digital purification from UVC light together with Nano Silver filters, their water will remain fresh and clean at all times.

With their multiple purification system, ALNPET obstructs little fragments, hair, residual chlorine, heavy metal ions, and various other pollutants layer by layer, cleansing and softening water quality, improving the taste, as well as protecting their wellness.

ALNPET Make Your Pets Fall In Love With Drinking Water

Anything that might harm your pets, we have a solution for it, from the basic annoyances such as hair or food bits to the tiniest molecules and hazardous microorganisms.

Their unique UVC light constructed in the water container interferes with DNA in pathogenic bacteria, preventing them from duplicating, making it impossible to spread condition with drinking water. The innovation does not chemically change the water in any way, shape, or kind.

Positive Nano Silver particles will be straightly affixed to the cell membrane, breaking the cytoplasm. Given that the cell membrane layer has actually been destroyed, positive nanotech is presented into the cell and damages the nucleus.

You’ll never ever require to bother with energy consumption or bothersome electric motor noise the dispenser makes. Unlike other items on the market, they have actually developed motion-triggering attributes, so the dispenser only functions when your pets are within 1.5 meters of range, keeping the water filtering system clean at all times.

ALNPET Make Your Pets Fall In Love With Drinking Water

Animal instinct is based on the belief that stagnant water will make you ill when you consume it, yet flowing water not just urges them to consume even more but also makes the process more fun. With power-saving mode, lower the power intake, and increase their inquisitiveness at the same time, make drinking water fun!

When the water level is lower than the pumping level, the motor will automatically quit circuiting, leaving no chance for the dispenser to malfunction. With the red-light blinking, it suggests that you need to re-fill.

With their big water reservoir, regular refills won’t be necessary. When required, simply put it under the faucet and allow the water to flow in, you do not need to take the entire thing apart, just put water in!

They’ve made the top filter more simple for you to clean the inner components of the dispenser.

ALNPET Make Your Pets Fall In Love With Drinking Water

ALNPET is designed for all the pets and family pet proprietors out there, intending to produce a water fountain that filters the water, sanitizes it, and keeps the water flowing all at the same time. It has taken them about a year from brainstorming, creating, to prototyping, and they have sent out countless prototypes for actual pet proprietors to check out.

Kickstarter Edition (ALNPET+) Offers;

Comprehensive Water Filter

The previous version of their filter was made of coconut covering turned on carbon as their primary filtering system material, with cotton infrared particles to improve the absorption capacity and also it got the job done, yet not enough. After that, they additionally included Dechlorination and Anti-Bacterial Filters to improve performance on purifying water. They lengthened the life-span of the filters, which makes them a lot more environmentally friendly.

ALNPET Make Your Pets Fall In Love With Drinking Water

Nano Silver Filter

The Nano Silver Filter is a new function on ALNPET+. Throughout their remodeling and testing, they were coming across one specific issue. The water that’s filtering system is evaluated and proven to be tidy, yet why do they still have the smell? Regarding the smell and bacteria removal, Nano Silver is confirmed to do both tasks, so they carefully designed their filter for it to optimize its reaction with unsafe fragments and odors molecules, completely safe, and odorless, for you and your pet.

UVC Sterilization

Their team took a step further on enhancing their previous version by remodifying the tool with UVC sterilizing innovation put inside the water storage tank. Keeping it secure for humans as well as pets, and really obliterating bacteria that are in the water rather than sticking on the filters causing potential threats to the health.

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