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AquaSeal Active | 100% Waterproof EDC Sling for Adventurers

AquaSeal Active

IPX7-rated waterproof bag featuring a quick release phone pouch and modular design, ideal for outdoor activities and urban daily life.

Make sure to check out bitplay’s latest Kickstarter campaign, AquaSeal Active, a 100% Waterproof EDC Sling for Adventurers. Using the seamless welding technique and professional airtight zippers, this sling bag meets IPX7 immersion waterproof standards. With two interchangeable front bags, adjustable straps, and integrated gears, AquaSeal Active is versatile and ideal for activities such as water sports, trekking, biking, skiing, skateboarding, and everyday commuting.

AquaSeal Active

AquaSeal Active is made from 420D and 600D nylon fabrics with double-sided TPU coating for water resistance and lasting durability.

Two interchangeable front bags, adjustable straps, and integrated gears make AquaSeal Active a versatile bag for various activities like playing water sports, trekking, biking, skiing, skateboarding, and everyday commuting.

AquaSeal Active

AquaSeal Active uses top-grade materials from premium brands.

The body of the bag consists of a highly durable 420D nylon fabric with a double-sided waterproof coating.

The strap adapter and buckles are built from brands like Dura-Flex®, in other words, making them suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports with excellent wear resistance.

AquaSeal Active

The magnetic fasteners are made from the industry-leading brand, Fidlock®. Along with being easy to use, the locks are very sturdy and extremely secure. Moreover, the extra-wide airtight zippers with stainless steel pull tabs provide additional protection and durability for any type of environment.

Using high-quality materials and professional techniques, AquaSeal Active meets IPX7 immersion standards, consequently, you can submerge it up to 3 feet (1 meter) in water for 30 minutes.

AquaSeal Active

Full underwater protection and a modular design with universal functionality. Additionally, the detachable Phone Pouch provides speedy access to your phone. And lastly, the Main Sling has a compact storage space and various features that are useful in all activities.

They want to create a product that performs beyond an EDC sling, providing the outdoorsy a handy bag to keep their essentials dry and safe in various situations – said Jack, the founder of bitplay. Therefore, over a year of researching testing, and prototyping, the team finalized the idea and created a bag that combines functionality and adventure spirit with style.

AquaSeal Active

As the team has been focusing on creating designs that help people take photos with smartphones more easily, one of the highlights of AquaSeal Active is the detachable, touchscreen-friendly phone pouch that allows people to use their phone directly in any situation. Carefully designed, the bag is transformative and adjustable to different needs.

AquaSeal Active uses top-grade materials from premium brands.

Key Features of AquaSeal Active;

  • IPX7 Waterproof|Keep your essentials completely dry
  • Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener|Switch mode in a flash
  • Touchscreen Phone Pouch | Use your phone anywhere
  • Smart Storage System | Organize your goods in compact spaces
  • Adjustable Straps | Carry the bag in multiple ways.

Meet the bitplay team

At bitplay, they inspire adventure. Whether you’re an urban traveler or a forever-wanderer, bitplay makes everyone into a storyteller. Born to create possibility, they build things people love and help them find a new perspective. In other words, they are here to help you live life to the fullest, to play, to capture, and to discover in your own way. In the beginning, they reinvented modern storytelling with thoughtful camera accessories that transform your phone. So, they’re adding to their collection new ways to explore better at every turn. Above all, with every journey you take, they’re there to open doors and make it easier to capture life’s surprises.

AquaSeal Active

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