Arclight Bike Pedals
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Arclight Bike Pedals | Stand Out, Ride Safe

Bio-Motion Enhanced Safety | 57% More Visible | Auto On/Off | Modular LEDs | Rugged & Waterproof,

The Arclight Pedals are a unique set of bike lights that take advantage of the natural motion of a cyclist. The pedaling motion creates a distinctive and instantly recognizable light pattern. This unique light movement provides a clear signal to motorists of a cyclist’s presence. Using Arclight Pedals increases visibility by up to 57% compared to standard bicycle taillights.

Arclights are a set of durable aluminum platform pedals, which include 4 rechargeable and removable light modules (2 for each side) that have built-in smart features and customizable flash modes. Philadelphia, PA – Redshift provides cyclists a better way to stand out and stay safe while riding. Introducing the Arclight Pedals.

Arclight bike pedals

Arclight bike pedals will leverage the natural movement of a cyclist.

The movement of the pedals creates an unmistakable visible appearance. In other words, this enables a rider with Arclights to stand out and be instantly visible as a cyclist. You can spot the Acrlights from all angles, a full 360 degrees. Arclight pedals fit on any bike and will make riders visible both day and night.

SAFETY: Historically, bicycle lights and safety ‘flashers’ have been affixed to the seat post and handlebar. These lights have gotten brighter as technology has advanced but still present a simple stimulus to a driver or observer. Research conducted by Edewaard, et al, have shown lights located near the cyclist’s ankles are up to 57% more effective at capturing the attention of drivers than standard seatpost mounted lights.

Arclight bike pedals

In the words of co-founder Erik deBrun, leveraging the motion of the rider’s legs allows the lights to really stand out.

This means that the rider will be significantly more visible than when using traditional fixed lights.

And because people are really good at recognizing human biological motion a driver will consciously identify a rider with Arclights as a cyclist which further increases safety.

Arclight bike pedals
  • INTUITIVE & CONVENIENT: The Arclight modules feature SmartSet technology which makes the pedals simple and intuitive to use. This includes Auto On/Off functionality where the lights automatically turn on when you start riding, and off when you park your bike. In addition, the pedals can determine the orientation and set the forward-facing light to white and the rear-facing light to red.
  • VERSATILITY & COMPATIBILITY: Simple to install and easy to use for all riders. The Arclight pedals are suitable for all types of riding and bikes – road, MTB, gravel, urban, e-bikes, and kids bikes over certain sizes. The pedals fit any bike with a standard 9/16” interface and provide a large grippy surface. The Arclight modules plug directly into any USB outlet for easy recharging.

The Arclight pedals began with a desire for a better way to stand out while riding and be visible as a cyclist.

Arclight bike pedals

The development of the Arclight pedals has spanned a number of years and quite a few prototypes and iterations. The pedals provide riders with all the expected performance and ride characteristics of a traditional ‘flat’ pedal plus the added safety benefit of the lights!

Arclight pedals ship with 2 pedals (left and right), 4 rechargeable light modules, and a USB charging hub. Additionally, Arclights carry a 1-year warranty and work on all types of bicycles.

Arclight bike pedals


  • Maximize Safety – up to 57% more visible than traditional lights
  • SmartSet Technology – Auto On/Off and color set functionality
  • 360-degree visibility – stand out from any angle
  • USB rechargeable – directly plug into any USB charger (hub included)
  • Aluminum pedal – ideal for all types of bikes and riding
  • Long-lasting battery – up to 36 hours of run time
  • Works on any bike – urban, e-bike, MTB, cruiser
  • 3 light modes – flash, eco-mode, steady
  • Weatherproof – IP64
  • Multi-Mounts – mount Arclight modules on bars, seatpost, bags, helmets
  • Expected MSRP of $135
  • 1-year warranty
Arclight bike pedals

Redshift was established in 2013 with a mission to provide riders of all types a more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable riding experience. With a product portfolio ranging from suspension stems and seat posts to handlebars, grips, bar tape, and pedals – Redshift connects riders to a more enjoyable ride!

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