ARENA The Most Effective Portable Smart Gym
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ARENA | The Most Effective Portable Smart Gym

0 – 200lbs of Smart Resistance on 300+ Movements. Optimized to Build Strength & Burn Calories Faster

Introducing the ARENA – The Gym, Reinvented!

ARENA is a robotic, portable all-in-one smart gym, designed and built in the USA.

Unlock your movement potential and achieve incredible results with strength training, high-intensity interval, eccentric training, athletic performance, conditioning and weight loss, and recovery and rehabilitation.

ARENA The Most Effective Portable Smart Gym

Most important facts about ARENA smart gym:

  • ARENA is set out and achieved, through engineering excellence, a go-anywhere-do-anything training unit.
  • It is built tough with Line-X coated 125mm aircraft aluminum, 25,000 rep tested
  • 0-200lbs – set up to 200lbs of resistance from your phone + advanced training modes
  • Ultralight and portable
  • Whisper quiet – high-grade bearings elicit smooth function
  • Training quantified – ARENA quantifies and optimizes your training using your Impact Score
  • Smart tracking – track your progress, calories, velocity, reps, and more.
  • The power of eccentric training – increased load during the eccentric phase improves training efficiency and effect.
ARENA The Most Effective Portable Smart Gym

ARENA is the most effective and efficient training modality for strength and conditioning.

It also features great portability, you can go anywhere with Green Tech. No plugs, no walls, no installation. The first gym with regenerative charging technology. 30 days of training on a single charge.

You can control and change the weight instantaneously with your phone.

Just as ARENA is more effective than traditional weight training, it is also more compatible with your life. ARENA is like an electric car: remote updates from their engineering team mean that high resistance, better battery life, and new features will become available over time.

ARENA The Most Effective Portable Smart Gym

ARENA is fully functional as a training device even without a subscription. A 2-year subscription is included with no additional cost with any backing option on this campaign.

ARENA is also the smallest and lightest complete gym solution, the most space-efficient complete gym.

Its technology enables remote improvements to software and hardware functionality.

Accelerate and improve your results through optimization of your training and recovery.

ARENA The Most Effective Portable Smart Gym

You can now train like the pros – ARENA connects you with the top performance coaches of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and Olympic athletes.

The App includes expert coaching with movement library and training programs, 2 new workouts every day, the daily and the split, you can create your own workouts with the custom builder and freestyle mode, track your progress + challenges with training profile and athlete challenges, and try out 1-1 training with one of the ARENA coaches and receive a completely personalized training program loaded on to your app.

ARENA The Most Effective Portable Smart Gym

There are 5x ARENA accessories that all fit in the accessory bag: straight bar, single handle, tricep rope, ankle strap, and telescoping phone holder.

The premium offer includes a high-performance bar, premium hip belt, plyometric training mat, and ultralight weight carrier.

You can even personalize it by choosing the color and laser design in their ultra-premium offer!

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