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Astronic Watches | Gravity Defying Tourbillon & Skeleton

Astronic Watches

Inspired by two engineering marvels of aviation: the F-117 Nighthawk and the Apache-64. Premium collection, without the premium markup.

Astronic Watches will shake up the conservative watch industry by offering an exclusive tourbillon that has the look and feels of a billion-dollar Stealth air fighter. With all the features and quality of a luxury watch — and priced within the reach of the masses.

Astronic Watches

The team at Astronic launches its brand-new collection of watches created for those who truly appreciate engineering feats. Equipped with high-end mechanisms. Including an in-house designed tourbillon, multilayered 3D engraving skeleton dial, power reserve of up to 80 hours, and military-grade 316L steel case. This new set of Astronic wristwatches makes the power of $111 million-dollar priced aircraft accessible for the general public.

Astronic Watches

Creating a watch with a tourbillon mechanism is very challenging and needs input from industry professionals. The team working on Astronic is led by Kristopher Chiu, who started his watch design, and manufacturing company “Chill Design Limited” after a decade-long working experience in “Isaswiss Group” (2005-2015). A company that has collaborations with such brands as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Fossil, Movado, etc.

There are a thousand ways to tell time.

In other words, expectations of a watch have transferred from a time-telling machine to a work of art that inspires. A perfect timepiece must have the magic to carry out your mojo with just a glance – says Kristopher Chiu.

Astronic Watches


The flagship of the line is The Astronic Stealth Tourbillon.

2 different historical events inspired their team to create The First Stealth Tourbillon in the world. First in 1975 when French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet defied gravity with the Tourbillon. And another one In 1983 when the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk Fighter defied radar in the skies with stealth technology.

For instance, both come together in Astronic — The First Stealth Tourbillon.

What makes Astronic Stealth Tourbillon stand out in the industry of luxury watches?

Astronic Watches

1. Firstly – The Anti-gravity Engine – The watch comes with an in-house exclusively designed 3D co-axial tourbillon mechanism with 21,600-vph frequency to increase time recording accuracy by eliminating the negative effects of gravity. The tourbillon has a 42-hour power reserve displayed by a 240° power-reserve gauge.

2. Secondly – Iconic design – They design their tourbillon dial based on the F-117 Nighthawk’s dashboard, exhaust system, and the iconic wings of this gravity-defying aircraft. The high-end multilayer 3-dimensional engraving dial with the exclusive design of the Half Skeleton Flying Co-Axial Tourbillon brings the entire timepiece together.

Astronic Watches

3. Thirdly – Military Grade Protection – Each case is precision milled one piece at a time from military-grade 316L stainless steel. With a 10 ATM water resistance rating and a sapphire crystal lens (the second strongest material on the earth), you can take Astronic with you anywhere.

4. And lastly – Easily interchangeable straps – Available with leather and stainless-steel strap options, Astronic Stealth Tourbillon gives you options to choose from.

Astronic Watches


Astronic also offers skeletonized models without tourbillons — The Astronic Aviate Skeleton (AVE-64).

In the AVE-64 collection, dials draw their inspiration from the exteriors of the Apache 64 helicopter. Moreover, just like the Apache-64’s BulletProof T700 Turboshaft, their AVE-64 utilizes a powerful 28,880vph movement for high accuracy.”

Astronic Watches

That engine is an automatic movement, which is made visible through a large skeleton dial. Its baseplate is CNC-machined and beautifully finished. The movement features an extra-large mainspring, holding an exceptional 80 hours of power reserve. In other words, nearly double that of most automatic movement.

The AVE-64’s hollow, curved skeleton dial is designed to highlight all the valuable moving parts of the timepiece. Therefore, its Tritec Swiss Luminour hands offer the best night vision, and its Flexi-glass second plate simulates the design of the helicopters’ side rotors.

In conclusion, the rest of the characteristics including the straps and durability are identical to Astronic Stealth Tourbillon.

Additionally, Astronic Stealth Tourbillon and Astronic Aviate Skeleton are both available in 5 different color options. Each with a price range of $1,169-$1,299 for the Stealth Tourbillon and $389-$455 for the Aviate Skeleton (without tourbillon).

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