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ATOWAK ETTORE | Supercar-Inspired 4-Arm Wandering Hour Watch

Let the time drifts on the eye-catching mechanical curves. ETTORE automatic is going to show how intriguing 4-arm time displays 24/7

ATOWAK launches Kickstarter for two supercar-inspired luxury mechanical watches

The ETTORE series brings the thrill of high-performance driving to the wrist.


ATOWAK launches a Kickstarter campaign for two new mechanical watches inspired by supercars. The ETTORE Drift (MSRP $1,199 USD) is the premium model of the series that features a four-arm wandering hour time display. It is available starting at $549 USD for the first 24 hours of the campaign. The ETTORE Lite (MSRP $649 USD) is a retrograde watch that forgoes the wandering arm. Opting instead for a classic time display with a similar racecar aesthetic, and is available for $299 USD.


Wandering hour timepieces are typically reserved for high-end luxury watches as the complexity involved in creating this dedicated movement and its time-indicating system tends to push the price beyond $10,000. ATOWAK has devoted more than three years of development to create its own exclusive custom movement.

ETTORE Drift has 12 rotating hour indicators (three per arm) that work in synchronicity, sweeping the dial with a finely crafted aluminum cross arm structure that moves across a minute index to precisely tell the time. Additionally, the watch’s movement is built upon MIYOTA 9015, which has been redesigned for the custom four-arm time display.

At ATOWAK, their focus is to always push the boundaries of style and provide their community with watches that are totally unique.


They found their inspiration for ETTORE in the world of supercars and racing. The bold lines and sensation of speed found in the fastest cars informed the subtle curves of their watch and its intriguing method of indicating the time subverts the concept of traditional mechanical watches.


Both the Drift and Lite models’ numerals, hands, and profile curves are illuminating with Swiss Super-LumiNova. Moreover, it glows in low-light conditions to replicate the feeling of driving at night. The watches’ unique racetrack-shaped case is 316L stainless steel. In other words, they are creating it through a series of 20 pressings and 50 fine processing steps. Each case is individual and water-resistant to 100 feet (30 meters).


ETTORE achieves the delicate balance of engineering excellence along with cutting-edge style. Moreover, they have worked to ensure that every detail of ETTORE Drift and Lite is meticulously perfected to the highest standards.

Combined with an Italian leather strap, the watches are as comfortable for daily wear as they are suitable for special occasions. With a quick-release system, ETTORE allows wearers to replace the strap with different color options to customize their style. Production is limited to 500 sets for each of its five-color editions worldwide. So, each watch has an individual number to uniquely identify it. Both models come with a two-year international warranty.


ATOWAK Brand Concept

The brand name of ATOWAK comes from the word Unique, which is decrypted as ATOWAK by Caesar Code 6. So, just like what the brand conveys, ATOWAK focuses on unique watches. To sum up, their mission is to use their enthusiasm to create something new for the time-honored watch industry, and to provide consumers with unique watches that they like.

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