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AusAir | Next Gen Filtration Mask With Botanicals

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Australian designed, botanically infused, highly breathable, and reusable. Blocks over 99% of PM0.1.

We have received independent test results from FDA registered and ISO 17025 accredited Nelson Labs USA. Our filter media has been tested in compliance with ASTM F2101-19 and EN 14683:2019, Annex B. The filter media received a Filtration Efficiency greater than 99.80%.  Our filter material has also been tested against a particle size of 0.1μm and received an average filtration efficiency of 99.50%.

AusAir was created by two brothers Elias Honor and Isaac Honor, and their lifelong friend Jack Graham. When travelling overseas, they experienced unhealthy air pollution first hand. To protect themselves, they looked for a stylish, breathable and functional mask but couldn’t find any.  After years of looking into the problems with current masks, testing new designs and prototyping, AusAir was born. The result is a mask which offers unparalleled breathability, filtration and style.

Includes two valve options:

1. Block out valve for two way protection (valve deactivated). 

2. Exhalation valve for added breathability and humidity control.

The Problem

The main sources of air pollution include vehicle exhaust emissions, tire dust, wood fires and power generation.

Flu & illness…

Our filter media has been tested by Nelson Labs USA, in compliance with ASTM F2101-19 and EN 14683:2019, Annex B. The filter media received a Filtration Efficiency greater than 99.70%.

It’s a mask with a difference. With reusable, washable skins designed to complement any outfit, and changeable filters infused with Australian botanicals, this is no ordinary mask.

Not only does AusAir filter over 99% of small airborne pollution (PM0.1), prevent the spread of infection and protect your face, but it comes jam-packed with amazing features.

The Features

The world’s thinnest one-way valves

Featuring twin marine grade 316 stainless steel valves, for an unrivaled breathing experience. Engineered to maximize exhalation and prevent hot air build-up.

Highly Durable 

We’ve sourced strong yet flexible PU material that offers unmatched comfort and ease of use.

Magic fit ear-loops

Ear loops tailored to fit your experience. No hard-to-adjust buckles or straps.

Memory nose foam 

Plush memory nose foam which molds to the shape of your facial contours effortlessly.

Ergonomic design

A seamless fit which offers full protection, not allowing air to escape in through the sides.

Click & switch design

The simple click and switch design allows you to swap and replace filters with ease. Auto-align the filter and skin every time so you know you are wearing the mask correctly.

Utilising the latest in material science technology, we’ve developed a pollution filter that will exceed Australian respiratory protection standards.

  • 1. Soft melt-blown inner layer.
  • 2.  Two melt-blown microfibre layers filtering over 99% of PM0.1 pollution, smoke and pollen, and other airborne particles.
  • 3. Electrostatic cotton layer with nano-filtering technology removing ultra-fine PM2.5 particles.
  • 4. Active carbon for hydrocarbon gas filtration and anti-odor.
  • 5. Durable PP outer protective layer to prevent dirt and other large particles from building up on the filter layers.
  • 6. Outer washable skin.

Particulate Matter Protection

The biggest pollution concern in terms of your health comes down to tiny hazardous particles suspended in the air called ‘particulate matter’. Some of the most potent of these particles is called PM2.5 meaning that these particles are 2.5 microns.

To put this into perspective, a micron is a millionth of a meter, with a human hair being around 70 microns.

O2+ filter range

Our filter range embeds botanicals sourced from Australian farms which offer subtle flora scents and other botanical benefits. Each filter harnesses the naturally evolved properties of the embedded botanical. 

Based on a body of scientific literature, choose the O2Plus filter which suits your needs. And for those of you who just want to breathe in pure air, we have a blank filter for you too.

Our botanical filters are the same as the standard filters, blocking over 99% of PM0.1, but with added botanical benefits.

Reusable Skins

Our ultra breathable skins are made from machine washable polyurethane foam, soft on the skin with high durability. Coming in a range of simple block colours designed to complement any outfit. From the urban commuter through to the corporate professional, dress it up with a blazer or rock it with your favourite pair of jeans.

Replaceable Filters

For maximum efficiency and hygiene, filters last up to 100 hours or between 2-4 weeks depending on use. The filters are interchangeable with your washable mask skin, so you can choose the filter you want when you want.


With multiple sizes and colors, we offer protection for the whole family. Sizes include Kids/XS, S/M, and Large. You can select your size during the backer survey which is sent to your email 11 days after your pledge. The size guide is available on our website here.

Choose your size, colour and filter type after supporting our project. On the 11th day after you have made your contribution, you will automatically receive an email with a survey link to provide this information. Please note, we do not offer refunds on contributions made once this 11 day period has passed. Indiegogo takes a non-refundable platform fee after this stage. We also use your contribution to pay for production, alongside campaign running costs.


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