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Author clock | A Novel Way To Tell The Time

Dear Readers – Andrea here,

Brand new day, brand new product!

And this one personally amazed me…

As I’m working with books for the last 8 years, this could not be the better product.

“Modestly ” speaking I would buy this as a gift for myself!

But also, this is something I would buy for my grandmother as well as my best friend!

small author clock
large author clock

Time traveler

Author Clock has the superpower to transform by searching the time into a whimsical event. He transports you right into that specific moment in the history of literature and writing. Containing countless quotes from writers all over the world, the Author is extremely creative and gives an unusual way to inform you about a timeline.

Authot Clock- quotes- text change

Also, not only does that inspire you, it teaches you as well! If you are a bookworm, or just love a wonderful tale, this is the clock for you!

Author Clock has in its base over 2,000 quotes from writers spanning six centuries.

Find out something new with every glance, and never have a dull moment!

Author Clock- Victor Hugo . Leo Tolstoy _Jules Verne

They’re always seeking new quotes from different authors that can assist us with our time-telling story to make it more diverse. When you back the crowdfunding project, they’ll offer you to participate with the quotes you’ve discovered! This is the unique way to contribute to something original and worthy.

Large or Small Author Clock, You choose

The large Author Clock is perfect for your wall space or bookshelf. From across the room, it’s readable 10 feet away.

The small Author Clock is designed for your desk, nightstand, or maybe workspace? It’s readable 3 feet away from your desk.

Author Clock, small, large

Author Clock’s premium e-reader display is so optimized that works out just like paper and there is zero blue light! It has no glare also when faced with direct light and won’t disrupt your sleep. At night it’s perfectly light-adapted so it does not disturb your good night’s sleep.

Author Clock lets you leave its battery charger wire where it belongs – in the drawer. Simply charge him every 3 weeks for the smaller version or every 2 months for the large one. You can freely put it away.

Author Clock

As for materials they’re consuming to create the Author Clock, they are very responsible! For each clock purchased, they’ll plant a tree that will certainly replace the wood used for their housing as well as might eventually end up being the pages of your next favorite publication.

type your quote

Design that lasts

Author Clock is created to last for years by integrating high-quality products with a straightforward design where there’s nothing much to go wrong. With any electronic item, the most common problem occurs with battery life. Because of this, we have decided to set Author Clock using exposed bolts. This way, our backers can carry out battery replacements or simple repairs many years into the future.

Author Clock - design -back -front- wood

Reusability and recyclability awareness

The clock will certainly be shipped in no-plastic packaging, that way the packaging is quickly recyclable. So the impact on the environment in their case is minimal.

Lasting products

The Author Clock housing uses white oak sourced from the forest with a sustainable approach to impact. They’re additionally, as they mentioned before,  partnering with OneTreePlanted to plant one tree for every Author Clock sold! Isn’t that just a wonderful way to thank nature?

Auther Clock, OneTreeplanted

The front Bezel is from recycled ABS plastic. This way with every Author Clock made they get rid of a bit of plastic that was otherwise headed for a landfill. The optimal color for recycled plastics is definitely black because it permits more options in the used plastic. And, I think that you will agree with me, black goes wonderful with white oak!

Author Clock, team , designers

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