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AutoBuff | Handy Cordless Car Polisher for DIY Showroom Shine

AutoBuff: Handy Cordless Car Polisher for DIY Showroom Shine

Beginner-friendly dual-action | 3x 5” polishing pads for increased versatility | 3400-3800 OPM powerful, efficient buffing | Only 2.8lb

Polishing an automobile in a vehicle care center can be very pricey. AutoBuff saves you a lot of cash since you have the ability to make your car shiny in your home on your own!

Autobuff is developed with delicate appearance, comfortable grip and easy operation which symbolized a mix of mechanical aesthetic as well as powerful efficiency.

Thanks to its capability to relocate orbitally and produce dual operations, Autobuff is a perfect fit for anyone that intends to revive their car’s original shine easily without damaging the paint.

A beautiful and beaming car constantly comes either at a big expense or hours of time and effort. Nevertheless, AutoBuff, unlike various other standard rotary brushes, is a lot easier to regulate due to its dual-action motion, which implies you can use it to get rid of the swirls as well as scratches quickly with considerably much less power.

AutoBuff: Handy Cordless Car Polisher for DIY Showroom Shine

Whether you are a rookie, hobbyist, or an expert, any individual can utilize this cordless brush efficiently and effortlessly!

Cordless layout offers you much more flexibility of movement than wired ones. Including a 4000mAh battery that lasts for 45 mins, it provides you to brighten your vehicle without pesky wire, and you can easily work with those off-angle and hard-to-reach locations of the car such as the lower part of the bumpers.

The USB-C charging port is meant for better portability which implies you can virtually cover up the buffer in your automobile with a USB-C wire.

Weighing at 2.8 pounds, AutoBuff is light sufficient for great maneuverability. Furthermore, it has a round handle for a practical and comfortable hold to ensure that you can quickly relocate them at any angle when required.

Above various other polishers that are loud and noisy, Autobuff ends up being much quieter which is less than 80 decibels, securing your ears when you are doing the work.

AutoBuff additionally has an optimal internal air conditioning system to avoid getting too hot.

AutoBuff: Handy Cordless Car Polisher for DIY Showroom Shine

AutoBuff allows you to select the speed by pressing the switch on the top of the machine. It has a rate series of 3,400 to a 3,800 OPM.

Press Once, you’ll obtain a speed of around 3400r/min. Press twice, it will level approximately 3800r/min. To shut it down, you need to push it 3 times in a row.

The speed control of AutoBuff makes sure that you do not remove your vehicle paint completely. There are security rates you can adjust throughout polishing in addition to exchangeable various pads you can pick from.

AutoBuff features 3 pads which are of differing degrees of coarseness. It is an ideal starter set for buffers of all experience levels.

AutoBuff: Handy Cordless Car Polisher for DIY Showroom Shine

Because of its hook and loop style, you can quickly switch 3 pads according to your various requirements while polishing.

Along with your priceless car, the dual-action AutoBuff is additionally optimal for polishing and rubbing on boats, marble surfaces, etc. It helps your huge toys restore their previous magnificence.

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