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AVA | 4K Wireless HD next-gen touch monitor


Well, look at this piece of technology art…

Hy dear backers, look what I found!

AVA next-gen portable display stood out in front of the others!

They use the most advanced mm-Wave wirelessHD technology for its wireless touchback and wireless HD. All that they include in one wireless transmission. No pairing Bluetooth is needed! Effective signal coverage encompasses 20 meters (66 feet). That way takes you to the next-gen wirelessHD experience.

AVA and computer

With next-gen touch technology, wireless touchback is much easier than ever.

AVA wirelessHD touchscreen is for sure ingenious. It brings you the most effective experience. It’s rather impressive that it needs no pairing at all. AVA leading sector’s mm-Wave touchback option is ideal for any usage. Regardless of wired or wireless! Not just for laptops, video game stations, or computers. Likewise for mobile phones or mobile devices. Nowadays, many smart devices have built-in desktop mode. With AVA touchscreen, mobility work or play ends up being more efficient and easy.

sliding documents

WirelesHD touchscreen combined with the cordless touchback as well as data transmission.

Thanks to the mm-Wave technology provided with a high data speed rate, this dream becomes a reality. Currently, AVA is the globe’s first use built-in mmWave technology. Whether for a cordless touchback but also wirelessHD display.

gaming with AVA

You have not seen one more mobile monitor such as this one, that’s for certain. I bet You haven’t seen another portable monitor like this one?

With AVA you will know how to appreciate the lag-free wirelessHD screen. Also the wireless touchback feature at the same time.

AVA is compatible with PC or laptop wirelessHD touchback feature. You don’t acquire Bluetooth at all. Simply plug and play! With wirelessHD technology, experience connection is similar to wire connection. Gamers probably care for latency the most. Currently, these fears are all gone with AVA. Enjoy your game in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, wherever!

AVA in use

Imagine your Nintendo Switch in large size, cable-free. AVA also supports any type of USB-C video device. No latency with HDMI gadgets playable in cabled or cordless mode. AVA wirelessHD monitor will support all kinds of somatosensory games. Fell the freedom without cable, but with latency you deserve.

AVA is currently the best choice for:

  • producer
  • vlogger
  • professional photographer
  • filmmaker
  •  supervisor
Specifications of AVA

Basically, anyone who requires a real-time screen! The shooting in lossless picture/video quality on a larger screen is a must. You can even remote control the cam capturing with wirelessHD touchback

Use AVA in your car!

watching pictures

Every app in your smart device can be simultaneously operated on the AVA touchscreen. You can also personalize the multi-window cabin UI. Select and personalize your favorite driving mode.

playing games

AVA is an extremely innovative ultra-lightweight display.

Made by CNC process, You can be sure it’s not made of low-end plastic. It gives you a premium quality feel when you hold it. Also, You will love its delicateness.

size and weight AVA

Between the glass and the panel, there is full-lamination. A special GLUE bonds them flawlessly. Decrease parallax to virtually none and experience a far better screen effect.


Advantages of laminated display screens:

  • minimized thickness
  • boosts the aesthetic high quality
  • no messy display
  • minimized hollow noise
  • pictures look painted on
  • outdoors performance
  • no parallax

Sound reproduction


 Full range of sound with almost no distortion of the original signal. Sounds impossible? Fine-tune stereo Hi-Fi audio speakers enabled a wide frequency range. Not to mention, there is a greater dB level of sensitivity rating. Provide optimum bass and treble. Accompanied with robust, crystal-clear, natural sound recreation. Impressive!

Battery consumption policy is maximized.

AVA setup can separately enable or disable the charging ability for your mobile devices. This implies you can save AVA battery a lot. When you do not require to charge for a mobile device, you spare energy. AVA has an input and also output PD fast charger option.

smartphone and AVA

This is currently their best device. AVA absolutely removed the wireless lag as well as Bluetooth pairing. This turnes Your gadgets into a 4K GIANTS.  

Enjoy the future, the future is here.

AVA logo

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