Avarax-E - Self-Cleaning & Most Affordable E-bike
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Avarax-E | Self-Cleaning & Most Affordable E-bike

Avarax-E -Ultra-lightweight,Powerful and affordable with ebike 65 miles of range and speed of 28mph.

Avarax is releasing the brand new self-cleaning ebike that has an Aluminum framework, excellent mileage, high speed, and is really cost-effective.

They have actually been working in the e-bike industry for a long time with deep connections in the bike industry. They additionally manufacture the bike components themselves, which is why they have the ability to produce top-quality e-bike at affordable prices. They are getting rid of third parties and middlemen and delivering directly from the manufacturing facility.

Avarax e is really economical and the special price begins with $499 for a limited time. Avarax e has 3 designs that are EL, ES as well as Ex. Every one of the designs has various requirements and Prices. Rates are $499, $599, and $699 specifically on the launch day only. Avarax has just 200 Units available for this deal price and will be modified after 200 units sold.

Avarax-E - Self-Cleaning & Most Affordable E-bike

Main features:

  • Lightweight – Super light-weight bike it weighs just 32.5 lbs.
  • Self-Cleaning – The superhydrophobic bike that repels above 90% mud and dust from itself.
  • Stylish structure – Aluminum heat treated with 6061 bike framework with carbon fiber monocoque suspension.
  • Bluetooth enabled- This bike is bluetooth enabled so you can track performance and a lot more from the mobile application.
  • Powerful- Avarax e provides a mileage of 65 miles and 28mph of speed.
  • Battery- Avarax e has a 45V battery that takes just 90 minutes to charge to 100%.

All brand-new Avarax e has outstanding features consisting of a front fork and LCD screen. There are 2 electric motor power options available that are 250W and 500W. Its incredibly hydrophobic coating makes it self-cleaning that repels more than 90% of the mud and dirt of the bike.

Avarax-E - Self-Cleaning & Most Affordable E-bike

What is a self-cleaning e-bike and how it works?

The self-cleaning bike is an e-bike that repels dust and mud. They have made Avarax e is self-cleaning by using a superhydrophobic coating on its frame. So any kind of mud or dirt can come off conveniently with no struggle.

Avarax is a New Jersey US-based business and releasing its very first Indiegogo campaign with the objective of eco-friendly transport at cost-effective rates. This e-bike is designed for a daily urban commute as well as adventure flights. The Avarax eBike is created for durability and comfort with some significant fun element built-ins.

All of it started in 2018. The idea behind Avarax e-bikes is to offer customers an impressive bike at an affordable rate so everyone can be a part of an eco-friendly and healthy and balanced way of life. The brains behind the Avarax-E is Aven Brown.

Avarax-E - Self-Cleaning & Most Affordable E-bike

Aven Brown leads the commercial style and a full system. Aven has comprehensive expertise in design and performance. With Avarax-E, they are taking an action in the direction of eco-friendly transport and a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Avarax is committed to helping every optimist that aims forward. Every Avarax e-bike is created with a very light and stylish frame.

They want to offer bikers a much more delightful riding experience. They have created completely useful working prototypes that are mass production-ready.

100% funds increased from Indiegogo will certainly go into mass production for the first-ever set of Avarax E, which will be sent to their Indiegogo backers.

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