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Baby Mood | The All-In-One Baby Monitor System

Baby Mood

One-of-a-kind baby monitor, night light, sound machine, and sleep trainer. It will keep your baby safe and give you peace of mind.

Meet Baby Mood, an intelligent baby monitoring system designed by a trio of moms. Consisting of a baby camera that integrates a smart night light and sound machine stream, 1080p HD, video, and sound. Through your phone or handheld, monitor and interact with your baby in real-time.

Baby Mood

The first and only baby monitor with a wi-fi switch gives you the option to use it as a connected or non-connected camera.

Baby Mood has dual night vision modes.

The node distraction mode is perfect for monitoring your baby as they sleep peacefully. On the other hand, the advanced mode enhances visibility for room monitoring in the dark.

Baby Mood

The power led also automatically dims in the dark, so it won’t be a distraction at night. Moreover, you can choose from several nightlight color options and calming sounds to soothe your little one to sleep.

Baby mood can be split into two units to monitor two children in separate rooms simultaneously.

They both include a talkback feature so you can comfort your baby in real-time using the app or handheld monitor. Additionally, use the giraffe cam with the optional crib mount to get an unobstructed view of your baby.

Baby Mood

Carefully designed with no exposed cables and the flexible neck lets you pick the perfect viewing angle. Get a full view with 360-degree rotation and zoom capability designed to grow with your child.

Baby Mood uses hues and sounds to let them know when it’s bedtime, quiet playtime, and time to get out of bed. Perfect for your little one at every stage.

Illuminate diaper changes in the infant stage, encourage a good sleep routine for toddlers, and use it as a reassuring night light for big kids. The Chillax care app will seamlessly integrate with Baby Mood, helping you keep your little ones safe and giving you full responsive control of their environment.

Baby Mood

Use the app to set custom danger zones and instantly get notifications when your baby is moving around. Keep track of your baby’s activities, view reports and identify patterns and areas for improvement.

It is the first monitoring system made with non-toxic antimicrobial material and certified by a renowned German authority.

Baby Mood is essential to protect, nurture and soothe your little one in the nursery.

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