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BBalance | Mat for Weight, Balance & Posture


My dear backers, this is a revolution!

Andrea here, and today’s topic is health.

If you want to be in touch with your body, you have to know more details than just the outside image!

BBalance redefines the perception of our body’s health and wellness!My dear backers, this is revolu

This implies tracking more than simply weight. But also taking numerous conditions right into account.


Place BBalance in your toilette like you would any other bathmat. Consider this a semi-permanent fixture with a one-time fit. You only switch out the washable outer cover. Step on the mat scale. BBalance automatically identifies you based upon your footprint. So it can differentiate you from up to 99 various other profiles stored. Dry your feet, and while you are brushing your teeth, get ready for the day while BBalance accumulates your data.

man standig on BBalance


4000 dot pressure mapping gets you a posture score. After that, suggest workouts to improve your posture. Given that, you can enhance your score, day by day.

BBalance on floor

First, check your app

Rather than seeing a number right away displayed on the scale. Probably, weight is not the first thing you want to see in the morning! See if your daily well-balanced weight is straightened with your health and wellness goals.

the app

That type of accuracy previously was just available at your medical service But BBalance brings three professional fitness tools right into your home!

Professional at your home

This kind of technology until now just existed in hospitals. Finally, you can utilize it at home, with BBalance. Do not wait to check your state at the physician. Sometimes it can be too late. Constant monitoring can prevent conditions that can be harmful to your body.

Thanks to their innovative pressure-mapping technology, they record a high-definition image of your footprint. Each time you step on the mat it recognizes you.


This footprint becomes your signature, with BBalance AI having actually been trained by over 100,000 measurements.

BBalance has a great design

Place it in your bathroom as you would any other bathmat. Live your life, brush your teeth, dry your feet. Meanwhile, the Balance accumulates your information. So easy!

Also, packaged into a luxurious, elegant, non-skid bathroom floor covering. It will certainly cheer up every bathroom! Plus, it shields you from sliding and keeps your feet warm.

pink BBalance

Balance regularly scans your body, throughout your classic body care routines. You’re totally free to follow your progress on the go.

The BBalance App

This is your digital physical fitness data log! But also, it is an individual trainer, as well as a measurements conductor – in one.

about the app

Access endless data history!

According to your general trending, the Balance app provides day-to-day directed training experiences. That way you can match your health objectives. Most important, live a much more body-positive life.



In 2014, Baracoda launched the globe’s initial connected toothbrushes with great success. Currently, they are in the hands of millions of users worldwide! Offering full-stack hardware and software services, Baracoda has actually excelled in every aspect of IoT development.

bbalance logo

Also and production, making sure that this launch will as well have a great rollout. They are well aware that crowdfunding projects can carry a great deal of risk. However, they’ve pulled it off in the past! Now, they are back and ready to make this launch successful.

With offices in New York, Paris, and Shanghai, Baracoda is a worldwide leader in daily health technology. They are led by business owners as well as tech experts. Being passionate about health, their wish is to improve health around the world. The business’s partners include acclaimed sector leaders.Baracoda is producing a new era, where wellness is a long-end journey. But also an everyday practice. Modern technology enables a lot of things you couldn’t even dream of.

team bbalance

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