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BeaverLAB Pro | A Whole New Microscopic World!

Hi, let me present you with OCTSAN ( BeaverLab Pro )!

It is an expert and intelligent microscope. Not just has 800 times ultra-definition LENS, yet also overturns the conventional microscopic display.

BeaverLab Pro can accomplish high-def photo quality, wireless transmission, and also multiple people observe at the same time.

With the…

  • Wi-fi
  • mobile phone link
  • the computer,
  • PAD link,
  • and rear projection display

It can release your eyes, as well as secure your sight.

displaying on tv

With single click take images, document, and also share a lot more terrific discoveries!

Include your family and friends!

800 times the ultra-clear focal size, isn’t that great? The look is more microscopic and the monitoring is a lot more professional.

Wi-fi link, real-time transmission, high-definition image… The possibilities are way beyond expectations.

High-definition images are transmitted when WiFi connects to the phone. The transfer happens in real-time.

zooming with beaverlab pro

 Many people observe together at the same time. So, it works great with smartphone/ PAD/ computer system/ rear projection display.

You can just put it in your pocket as well as bring it anywhere!

BeaverlLab Pro delivers ergonomic layout, coarse adjustment handle, turning to readjust focal length, anti-skid vertical pattern.

All of this delivers that handy and compact device.

The bottom of the monocular tube has its own digital switches to readjust the brightness. With that also the dimension of the pictures.

Three features ( picture, video, notepad) are simple to videotape remarkable pictures. And simple to share, with just a click!

beaverlab pro

Detachable style of Microscope offers a two-in-one base.

The tablet pressing adopts a magnetic design. It can be set up and taken apart at your will.

Type-C interface charged for half an hr. With that, the standby time lasts for 2 days. And the job time can be approximately 2 hours.

Base with seven-color dyeing

The base of the microscopic lens is geared up with 7 kinds of smart dyeing light. Adjust them arbitrarily to observe transparent things without iodine staining.

kid and beaverlab pro

Beaver Factory microscopic lens is dedicated to cultivating kids’ practice of hands-on monitoring.

This kind of experiential teaching boosts children’s communication abilities. At the same time, it can be utilized with family and friends.

Intuitively, youngsters cultivate a passion for learning.

BeaverLab Pro microscope can evaluate the quality of the skin. This is possible with extra refined observation.

It is a professional day-to-day microscope. With 800 times the focal size can easily achieve the detection and reparation of different components. Such as

  •  motherboard
  •  clocks
  •  and various other precision tools.

The microscope can be used for monitoring and also carving of jade. Also, precious stones, and other fine pieces.

BeaverLab Pro microscope can find the termites! With high precision, it can evaluate water quality. Besides that, the sanitation degree of food. You can estimate the cleanliness of the family.

Story goes

The creator Fang talked with his nephew at a family gathering. He discovered that his nephew was extremely curious about the sciences. He actually intended to try the microscopic lens that appeared in the publication. Fang was intrigued with his nephew’s will for knowledge and also bought a microscope for him! He learned a great deal as well as discovered that there is space for enhancement in the microscope. He came up with the concept of making a microscopic lens that fulfills his demands.

BeaverLab Pro for all ages

And the rest is history. The BeaverLAB was born. He analyzed the benefits and also negative aspects of various other brands. After that, he included several fascinating suggestions to BeaverLAB. For instance, in order to improve the individual experience, BeaverLAB was geared up with glass slides. In order to have more options, he prepared both finished specimens and empty glass slides.

BeaverLab Pro team

BeaverLAB was born as a result of a thirst for knowledge! Fang believed it was an excellent motivator. He had a vision that BeaverLAB could bring much more joy to our children. But also let them discover and understand the world better.

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