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Bebird P30S | The 3-in-1 Visual Ear Wax Remover

Bebird P30S

3 in 1 Miracle

Meet the genius – his name is Bebird P30S!

Everybody knows that wax protects ears from external factors that can hurt the eardrum. This can be dust, hair, or even tiny bugs. Yet, when build-up occurs, it can cause discomfort, wooziness, or even issues with hearing. Introducing Bebird P30 S, the visual ear wax remover with a 10-million pixel, 3.5 mm lens. Simply attach it to your mobile phone and it will show a real-time view of your internal ear. The actual great thing is, it has the ear wax cleaner, blackhead extractor, and also tongue depressors 3-in-1. Isn’t that a unique product?

Bebird P30S

Have you ever tried to use a cotton swab or curette to get rid of annoying earwax? By doing that, have you felt discomfort or even pain? Well, it might happen if you hit the eardrum accidentally! Because having a clean ear is rather important to improve one’s hygiene as well as hearing. So, they did a lot of research and development. The main goal was to offer a more secure, easier, and more convenient tool to assist.

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Bebird P30S, the Aesthetic Ear Wax Cleaner, Blackhead Extractor/ acne popper device & Tongue Depressors 3-in-1

Integrating a small cam on end, Bebird P30S can be paired with your phone or tablet by WiFi! So, when the ear wax cleaner goes deep right into your ear canal, you can see it in real-time. Listening to the backers’ voices greatly assisted us in updating the main parameters. With the 10 million pixels, 3.5 mm lens, and also intense shadowless LED light, it is the easiest way ever to examine what’s going on inside. And, if you want to have all the data, you can snap a photo as well as FHD 1080P video.

Bebird P30S

Six-axis smart directional gyroscope on Bebird P30S provides stable and fast photo transmission – even when you rotate. Video rotation remains stable. The P30S ushers in a revolution of earwax elimination. It is time to evolve from cotton swabs, and also make ear cleaning a whole new experience.

Focusing on the maximum comfort as well as convenience of use, the FDA accredited food-grade Bebird P30S soft silica gel spoons.

They are utilized and also they come in 12 different dimensions. By adapting the size, it can substantially reduce the possibility of injuring the tympanum. The Bebird P30S spiral head ear spoon in firm collaboration with the spoon buckle makes it hard to drop in your ear canal and is also appropriate for both oil and dry ears.

Bebird P30S

The handle has an anti-slippery surface to secure the hold, so you will maintain a fine grip during fragile cleaning. It is suitable for adults, kids even pets. Bebird P30S heats up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit and remains at that consistent temperature, giving a comfortable feeling for the human body, no matter in all seasons.

The Bebird P30S is a smooth, compact, and featherlight pen-shaped device. Coated with aluminum housing + anodizing process, helps to make the tool extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. Simply fits everywhere.

The 10-million pixel FHD micro cam fitted on the upper point has 6 LEDs. When the device is linked by Wi-Fi, video is transmitted to your mobile phone/tablet/computer. You can see exactly where to clean inside the ear.

Bebird P30S

Though pen-sized, Bebird P30 S offers all kinds of features.

We use Bebird P30S for oral cavity evaluation, nasal evaluation, and also ear canal checkups. It’s good to know what is happening before you go to the medical professional. In addition, it can be used as blackheads and also comedones acne extractor, also as a tongue depressor. All that is provided to you by the exchangeable accessory.

You can regulate your health care expense and further costs, but most importantly your health state! Al that begins with mindful observation of the oral cavity. In collaboration with Bird P30S, your doubts and concerns are solved.

Part of Bebird’s P30 S equipment is a high-resolution (10 megapixel) micro camera, making it able to see the dust that sits in your pores! Glide the ring attachment across the skin to eliminate the dirt that sits on your pores. Use Bebird P30S to get smooth skin, in a hygienic, and also an efficient way of cleaning the pores!

Bebird P30S

The endoscope is water-resistant, which is necessary to be, because of the dust particles and water splashes. Additionally, you can wash it directly under the water or cleaned it with an alcohol-soaked cotton stick.

Bebird P30 S has a Blu-ray light incorporated for keeping it hygienic.

The device instantly switches on when the cap is removed. Equipped with the Hall sensor unit smart switch, Bebird P30S works automatically, no need for turning on or switching off.  When you open up the cap, it starts to run. When you close the cap, the LED light goes out, also the power shuts out. With a high-speed Wi-Fi chip built-in you can connect to the application and get cleaning immediately (initial setup is necessary).

Bebird P30S

Battery level is easy to check via “Bebird’s P30 S” app. Android or iOS system on smartphones is supported multilingual, so you don’t have to worry to use it worldwide.

Founded in 2018, Bebird becomes a forerunner in visual ear cleaning!

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