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BGR | Bars Grips Rings

The ultimate portable, bodyweight gym with patent-pending quick-adjust straps.

It may not look like much, but if you like bodyweight and calisthenics fitness training, you’re going to love this. BGR allows you to train differently. It’s for those that are fed up with the usual fitness routine. There are only so many exercises you can do when using traditional suspension, training products, but for BGR you can adjust the height of the units and the handles.


So, now you can perform more. They have a range of attachments, such as pull-up bars single hand, grips, and gymnastic rings, just put it in your bag and take it anywhere and keep going.


One-click strap adjustments to quickly switch between exercises. Patent-pending, award-winning, the insanely strong design keeps your straps tangle-free & compact.

Even the gym is great for group fitness classes, no matter your fitness level or experience. Since the pandemic hit, his classes have had to change.


The BGR keeps the classes fun and dynamic.

With the adjustable height feature, it makes setting up a workout easy. Simply, click and slide to your desired height, and you’re good to go.


This is more than a toy. It is designed for a hardcore workout. This is a tour of pain that will definitely make you sweat. Response from gyms’ personal trainers and individuals has been amazing.


They’ve managed to test the BGR with GB gymnastics, the school of calisthenics, and some of the top boutique gyms across the UK. They even got a thumbs up from the gymnastic ring gold medalist. They have an award-winning product design team behind them who is helping to develop and bring the BGR to life.


BGR is designed to comfortably hold 700kg / 1,500 lbs! And these were the prototype tests. They expect final production to more than double the load capacity.

To clarify, each BGR Complete System comes with:

  1. BGR strap units, adjustable from 1′-6’ / 0.3m-2m
  2. Collapsible, portable bar
  3. Grips
  4. Premium wooden rings
  5. 3′ / 1m anchor straps
  6. Door anchor
  7. Carrying bag

All BGRs include 3′ anchor straps for easy mounting and un-mounting over branches, rafters, swing sets, etc.

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