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Boeleo | Touch Screen Pen Scanner, Translator & Recorder

Boeleo A Touch Screen Pen Scanner, Translator & Recorder
Boeleo: A Touch Screen Pen Scanner, Translator & Recorder

Instantly translate scanned texts, recorded voices, and snapped photos. The world’s 1st 4G-compatible w/ a mass 1GB+16GB data storage.

Boeleo touch screen pen scanner can help you understand and speak any language you want!

Think of being multilingual and traveling around the globe without a language barrier, quickly markdown words you read in books, or taping all content of the conversation to improve language learning and work performance. It may have been a dream before, but not anymore!

Translate any words or sentences in a foreign language you listen to or see on paper, screen, or anything you can take picture of. Traveling? International trade? Learning a new language? Simply take Boeleo with you, and language is not a barrier anymore!

Boeleo | A Touch Screen Pen scanner

What’s special about Boeleo that makes it attract attention from various other translation pens is that it’s the first of its kind that is 4G compatible. In other words, you can have that translation ability with you on the move, abroad, or anywhere you wish to go.

It has the biggest data memory of 1GB RAM +16 GB storage which suggests a much greater rate of translation as well as accessibility to saved data.

Boeleo | A Touch Screen Pen scanner

It is very affordable, others might easily cost you more than $200USD while falling short on the flexibility of features.

The default translate mode is scan. When the nib detects the right amount of pressure, it flawlessly records every letter and provides accurate translation neatly paralleling the scan. There are 11 languages supported in the offline setting. Therefore, it can check and equate even if it is disconnected from the Internet.

Boeleo | A Touch Screen Pen scanner

With a 23mm macro camera at 120FPS, it can record words once the scanner goes across them. No matter how fast you scan, it will catch every letter and record it on the screen. As soon as scanning is over, it will convert and read the translation for you immediately.

Boeleo is not limited to scanning and translating words on papers. In addition, Phone screens, tablets, iPods, laptops, and computers can also be scanned.

Click on a single word in the sentence, you can understand and find out the definition of the word and its pronunciation. Boost the effectiveness of language learning.

Boeleo | A Touch Screen Pen scanner

Scan words, sentences, paragraphs, and even pages you want to excerpt and have them quickly transformed and saved. You can download it on a laptop and modify it anytime you want.

This tool covers 116 languages in online mode.

When linked to the internet via WI-FI or 4G cellular (compatible with 200 countries’ SIM cards), it takes just seconds to convert and read out loud, ensuring Zero Obstacle communication at the workplace, in conferences, or while traveling. With Boeleo touch screen pen scanner, you can be a “multilingual speaker.”

Boeleo | A Touch Screen Pen scanner

Would you like to translate roadway signs, menu, packaging in the blink of an eye without typing the words on a translator? Just take a photo of it and have it immediately translated! Boeleo touch screen pen scanner has one more ingrained 500M pixel camera at the rear of the screen. Simply take a picture, and it will certainly reveal the translation directly on the screen or on the saved images.

Boeleo A Touch Screen Pen Scanner, Translator & Recorder

It can accomplish 98%+ precision when linked to WiFi or 4G network, as it can reach and apply the online translation engines such as Google and iFlytek translate. You can look like a “native speaker” without needing to learn the language!

Boeleo touch screen pen scanner is not limited only to translating. It is also a durable recorder. With one click, you can focus on the business conference, meeting, or a class. It works with up to 128G sd cards to conserve a high quantity of content. You can export, listen, make notes, and share afterward.

Boeleo A Touch Screen Pen Scanner, Translator & Recorder

Shenzhen Boeleo Intelligent Co., Ltd supports the principle of constant technical development and the pursuit of constant improvement of product experience. The company is committed to providing global individuals with more stylish, advanced, smarter, unwinded, and intriguing products.

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