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Bowio | Read in Style

Bowio Read in Style

One-of-a-kind Book Light that is Innovative, Functional, and Fashionable.

Bowio is designed with a special form that makes it possible to illuminate the pages and read your book in the dark.

Bowio book light Read in Style

As a team of passionate readers, they have totally reimagined the book light to attain a better reading experience. With an entirely unique design, Bowio looks nothing like those lights you have seen before.

The result is a reading experience that keeps contrast while scattering light to decrease glare to the barest minimum – Now you can regulate the brightness simply with a touch for an undisrupted reading experience at all times.

Classy and stylish Bowio package made from a Kraft top-quality 380gsm FSC certified board. The products that are used in production are 100% recycled, with the goal to minimize the carbon impact.

Bowio book light Read in Style

Bowio is a book light that is vital for any type of lasting reading experience.

Warm daylight LEDs have been lined to develop an arc shape over your book and cast excellent uniform lighting. The magnetic clips have remarkable grasping toughness as well as are designed to hold the cover securely while still allowing you to readjust the light.

The Booklight idea has been reimagined with the Bowio to bring it to a brand-new level.

Bowio book light Read in Style

If you ever used a book light, you have probably been frustrated by several factors. Changing the light from one side to the other to get sufficient light or avoid shadows and glare. Cumbersome clips weighing down your book, loosened unstable necks force you to read in a bad position rather than in the way you are most comfortable.

Bowio book light Read in Style

They very carefully chose materials and reputable electronics features and incorporated them to develop a one-of-a-kind light-weight booklight that is innovative, functional, and stylish. Now they need your help and support to deliver the product, so, if you believe in it, help them by backing the campaign and add that world’s most unique booklight to your every-day reading essentials!

Bowio book light Read in Style

The Bowio team is a group dedicated to create & develop products to aid devoted readers to read better, healthier, cozier, and more focused.

The capacity to supervise design and manufacturing allows them to supply this great product while supporting local craftsmen and producers. Along with their engineering and style in place, they are lucky enough to manage quality for setting up and product packaging in their own centers. With years of experience, they can be sure that they will do whatever is required to bring Bowio to life.

Bowio book light Read in Style

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