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Boxe projector

Andrea here, and look what I got for you today!

Don’t allow its adorable and also enchanting appearance to fool you guys.

Boxe -cute as a Minion, yet so powerful!

Boxe on hand

Boxe has the power to project immersive big-screen HD cinema

Providing easy wireless connection, this small mobile projector gives you chance to enjoy family time inside & outdoors.

Projecting from mobile

You will fall in love with Boxe at the first sight. Its sleek design, as well as smooth rounded corners, catch your eye in a second. The warm yellow color gives him a charming appearance. With its fragile style, it’s like an adorable little pet, that you will certainly enjoy having around! Remember when we were kids, fantasize about having our very own theater? Now, Boxe makes your dream become reality. With 1080P support, superb contrast ratio, and bright colors, it’s ready to cast a sensational photo into a huge 120-inch display size. Movie nights have now a completely different meaning – because of the great visual experience supplied by Boxe!

eye care Boxe

An exceptional visual presentation calls for amazing sound as well

Boxe fully recognizes the importance of highly immersive noise. He offers two customized guide tube cavity speakers to perform superior audio. The system is equipped with stereo surround audio. Vibrant bass and also extraordinary audio quality draw out the best charms of the melody.

whisper quiet with coolin fans

Various other projectors often are unpleasantly loud and also disruptive when they get on. Boxe, on the other hand, focuses on giving the optimal motion picture experience. He utilizes an innovative ultra-quiet cooling system. Thanks to this fantastic feature, noise is reduced to 30 dB, making your room feel as quiet as a library. Now, you can have a peaceful viewing session without unwanted background distractions.
Exposing your eyes to screens or various types of displays can trigger eye pressure and twitching. Long-term, it can e harmful to your eyesight. With the diffused light from Boxe, your eyes will have a gentler and relaxed experience

If you’re planning on carrying your projector around, then Boxe is the best choice.

This small, palm-sized projector is portable as well as lightweight. Weighs less than 3 pounds! You can just put it in your backpack or bag. So convenient to take it to the backyard, bedroom, terrace, meeting room… Anyplace you want a big-screen multimedia experience.

versatile boxe features

By 7800 mAh strength battery, Boxe enables general viewing without recharging. It lasts for 90 mins, which is enough for most videos/movies. For longer watching sessions, plug in an external 65W power bank to a universal Type-C port. It couldn’t be more simple!

The 4-point keystone modification

This important attribute makes Boxe excellent for checking out in several projection circumstances. By dealing with the photo angles and also changing photo corners, or permitting expanding and reducing of the image manually, Boxe achieves the perfect picture anywhere without any constraints.

lifestpan of Boxe

Boxe attaches conveniently with tools as well as networks making use of Bluetooth or Airplay wireless connections, making it hassle-free to make use of as well as versatile for many circumstances. Displaying Netflix films from your phone, showcasing PowerPoint presentations, or Singing Karaoke has never ever been simpler, and also everything is smoother and a lot more uncomplicated than in the past.

girl holding boxe

Boxe, as a smart projector

Featuring 2GB DDR and also an 8GB storage place, he is also utilized by its Amlogic T972 chip. This same chip is embraced by the majority of smart TVs. Also, it considerably enhances operating speeds while it reduces power intake. These premium standards make Boxe the most effective user experience device.

Underneath this cute shell, Boxe has numerous outstanding qualities. Boxe is safe from dust because of its shielded lens. As a result of an integrated innovative LED light source, it has a life expectancy of 25,000 hours. By that, you can endlessly enjoy his present!

Specification of Boxe

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