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Buddie | Multifunctional Earbuds Cleaning Tool

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OMG! Do you know that your mobile phone, earbud, and also keyboard could be 10 times dirtier than your bathroom??

Buddie hanging o the bag

They are filthy from daily usage and there is no get away from it. Luckily, there is a new and modern way to clean them up. Buddie will certainly get to places where cotton bud, vacuum, and cloth can not! Also, clean your gadgets inside-out. By that, restore their peak sound top quality as well as sanitation. Stay risk-free as well as healthy with Buddie!

Precision dirt picker – for tiny as well as deep openings

dirt picker

A metal picker with stainless steel is very precise. It is placed on the tip of the Buddie. This tip has a deep, pronounced shape. That way it gets inside the sockets and sound tubes. in addition, has no sharp edges that may damage your devices! The stainless steel will stop dangerous microorganisms from expanding.

Bristle brush – for mesh, uneven surfaces

bristle brush

The majority of cleansing brushes are made for multiple objects. Buddie isn’t. Although it is affordable, it also brings many benefits. The Buddie bristle brush is made from sturdy nylon. Being anti-static, a nonhair shed, it is secure to clean up any microscopic elements. This is perhaps the handiest as well as a most effective tool for cleaning up. Even the most severe built-up grime from tight areas, which are hard to reach. Places like your earbuds, smartphones, laptops, and others.

Adhesive cleansing gel – for the stubborn, deeply hidden dirt

adhesive cleansing gel

In case there is dust that you still can’t get rid of, this gel help. It works by passing through deep into the splits and ridges of the objects. The gel can conveniently be re-filled and also changed for continuous use.

Micro Fabrics Brush – for ridges, edges as well as hard-to-reach gaps

Micro fabric brush

Eliminating the handle will introduce a soft, plushy micro-bristle brush. This brush is our invention. By integrating mini mesh textiles into a brush. The soft, wool-like surface area will certainly create static electricity. With that, it helps to pick small lint as well as dirt. Interestingly, without even touching them. After picking up the dirt, all it takes is a swipe with your fingers. A simple way to recover it to be like new again.

The Soft brush – is more focused on promptly cleaning any kind of surface-level impurities.

The soft brush

Keeping your earbuds clean is extremely crucial. Have you ever seen accumulated vax and dirt on them? Disgusting! The mobile handheld device has a retractable brush on one end and a microfiber brush on the other. It will certainly maintain everything clear of grime, whether it’s dust or debris. Also, it comes in a very compact dimension. You can say it’s grab-and-go!

before and after cleasning with Buddie

Buddie can clean up all sorts of earbuds that are on the market, including hanging earbuds

Besides cordless earbuds, buddies can additionally cleanse wired earbuds. This cleansing tool can cover all the brand names such as Apple, BOSE, Microsoft, JBL, Beats, and a lot more …

Buddie on the bag

You can carry Buddie around. No stressing over the dirt and also filth that it may gather from use! All cleansing gadgets are safely secured inside the watertight capsuled body. Basically, every little thing inside will not leave and enter your bag or pocket. It is light, small, and also simple to carry about.

buddie cleans different devices

Buddie does not just clean the earbuds, he does it on the keyboards, glasses, laptops, gaming controllers, etc. Being that it is multi-functional. The microfiber brush permits you to clean up any type of dust on your screen or cam lens.

buddie in pocket

Finally, the superior brush will enter your earphone soundhole, mesh, mobile phone microphone opening, soundhole… As well as the cleansing gel will stick all the remaining fine hairs, that the dust picker can’t grab.

By using this recyclable, resilient style, Buddie can last for several years!

buddie in close

With only a little cleansing as with water and a drop of a detergent. It will replace cotton bud as well as tissues. You can recover old gadgets that have actually experienced a drop in performance. Also, they may not look so great because of dirt and gunk. Buddie can handle that. We maintain e-waste away from the dumpsite!

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