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Buildy Bots | Zero-screen time coding & robots for kids 5+

Buildy Bots

With Buildy Bots, children can build, explore, learn, and play. Coding doesn’t have to be in front of a computer!

Buildy Bots coding board uses short-distance wireless technology (NFC) paired with coding blocks. This means coding can happen, without a computer or device!

Each block represents an action that when placed in sequential order, will create simple to complex programs. Best of all, the blocks use pictures so coding can happen without reading.

Buildy Bots

Easy Assembly

While Buildy Bots is the perfect toy for play and exploration, it also comes with an assembly manual and curriculum to guide your child with fun activities using the coding blocks.

Buildy Bots Ages Up With Your Child

Starting at age 5, children can build simple machines, but as their fine motor skills develop, Buildy Bots will grow up with them! Build remote-controlled robots, code sensors, and collaborate on new inventions!

Buildy Bots

Building Designed For Kids

They make building easy for kids. Solid frames and smooth edges are designed for small hands to grip. Nuts and bolts lock with ease for seamless assembly. All parts and tools included in the kits are shaped for a child’s hands to grip.

With Buildy Bots, kids ages 5+ can start building and coding STEM kits and see how code can bring robots to life.

Buildy Bots

With this fun game, kids can start building and coding, all without the use of screens.

It’s the robot that allows your kids to code, create music, light up LEDs, sense objects, and move, all with zero-screentime.

Ditch those screens! And give your kiddos Buildy Bots, the zero-screen time coding & robotics kit for children ages 5 and up!

Buildy Bots

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, it has everything they need to learn and play all in one package, including kid-safe nuts & bolts, tools, and most importantly, physical coding blocks that teach your kids how to build their very first program using their unique coding board… all without a screen.

Simple Motors & Sensors

Play music, light up LEDs, sense objects, and move. Motors and sensors connect easily with no extra tools needed for assembly.

Remote Control

No need to code right away. The remote control lets the young builder drive their creation before learning to code.

About Buildy Bots

First imagined as UARO (Kid Robot) by RoboRobo, it was the first hands-on coding toy in South Korea. By creating an off-the-computer coding device, young children could build their creativity, hone their fine motor skills, learn physical computing, and develop 21st-century skills, all while playing.

Buildy Bots

For its North American debut, RoboRobo has partnered with Robolink, inc., renaming UARO to Buildy Bots, because this kit is perfect for little hands to build lots of robots!

Hardware and Curriculum

Buildy Bots hardware and curriculum have been remastered by Robolink to create a series of kits that blends open play and exploration, with structured learning. Each kit brings new hardware, technology, and challenges, all designed to grow with the child.

Add-ons are a great way to get the most out of your Buildy Bots!

Buildy Bots

This Expansion Kit lets your kiddo build on their own unique creations with more wheels, motor, structural parts, and battery cases.

Storage Cube is available as well for additional purchase and will help you keep them organized!

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