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CaliberX Multi-tool | TRUE man has it

Authenticity! Caliber X – has it. A true man will recognize that.

Pocket Multi-tool crafted for XXI Century Men/Women.

Sure, you can lug around a heavy and cumbersome toolbox everywhere you go, but why would you, when you can replace practically the entire box with this one multi-tool?

Be smart. Invest in a tool that captures your real need. 

Caliber X -the ultimate combination of style, functionality, and price. Engineered with practicality in mind, designed for single-handed accessibility.

Extremely lightweight, you may forget that you are carrying it in your pocket. Ergonomic dream come true. Comfortable, secure, and stylish.

We created a tool that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle. A tool that will fit perfectly in your pocket and will look good in your hand. A tool for a true man.

A truly must-have piece for sailors, hikers, for those who love camping, road trips, or DIY projects. You should have it in your car, on your motorcycle, bicycle, boat, or backpack. It will be a tool that you would love to use. Not just because it looks so COOL, but also because it’s perfect every 21st-century man activities ?

You may think it comes from a new era of Terminator or Matrix, but we designed the CALIBER for those adventures type of man that understand the values of Aquaman or Superman! We definitely put more in it than you may think ?

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