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Canairi | Cute Fresh Air Monitor

Canairi is a Fresh Air Monitor. It is a totally imaginative way of improving your interior climate. But also health.

canairi design

All that combined with storytelling and also intuitive design language. As soon as the air quality goes down Canairi will drop down also. But, when you open the window You’ll bring it back to life. So simple!

Most of our life happens indoors.

tech bird canairi

Unfortunately, in inadequate air quality. That way it also raises the threat to our health. Bronchial asthma, headache, tiredness, and all kind of conditions. Airing out on a regular basis will improve your health. Your sleep will get better, as also, your overall health and wellness. Canairi is a form of a friendly reminder to breathe better!


Canairi is not only a practical item. In addition to its “core business”, they also aimed to develop a lovely product. You would definitely want to hang it on your wall surface. They actually won a global style award for it! As well as are chosen for 2 more alongside some cool mentions! That’s pretty great, right?

standing canairi


In history, mineworkers would bring a canary with them to the mine. Their purpose was to identify harmful gasses. As soon as the bird fainted, it was time to go out. Canairi has CO2 sensor integrated. Means, it works the same as the real bird. When the air top quality is poor the bird will go down. YOu can bring it to life with a breath of fresh air.

canairi down


They removed cords from Canairi. There are no displays and notifications. This was keeping it simple and easy. Yet that does not indicate it’s not a smart little device. Canairi is geared up with a CO2 sensor. It measures if the level of CO2 passes 1.000 ppm (the threshold advi

air quality on phone

sed by health authorities worldwide). It’s constructed from recycled plastic. And its rechargeable battery will last 3 months. You’ll have to charge it with a USB cable. The design is IPR-protected as well as they have a patent pending.

Unlike various other air quality screens, Canairi will let you recognize when to ventilate your home, discreetly.

bird moto

Forget about annoying light, sound, or phone alerts. It could be unnoticeable, yet a bad interior climate is a big trouble! Canairi has one very interesting feature – storytelling. Its user-friendly design as a nudging mechanism encourages the customer to take action. You would never think that a bird can be so smart!


Canairi is tested in private residences, workplaces, and also institutions. Despite the location, many participants claimed that the most awesome thing about Canairi is the fact that it looks pretty everywhere.

canairi in close detail

It can also be a contributor to the tranquility of the people at the office. At home, it will be great for kids and also adults. 


  • Reusability and recyclability

The materials they use for their products are recyclable. It definitely can be used once more in the future.

  • Sustainable products

All plastic components are made from 100% recycled plastic.

The product packaging is made from recycled paper.

  • Something else

Canairi will use a limited quantity of power. There is no need for energy to power light, sound, screen…



Hans and Andreas, were good friends and schoolmates through primary and high school. Besides playing tennis and also socializing, they both had a love of entrepreneurship. They even ran a small company when they were only 12! Their business was a yard trimming membership service. It actually went really well, but with no excitement whatsoever.

After high school, they picked their own paths. Andreas is now a M. Sc. in Finance & Accounting, and Hans is an award-winning Art Director & Designer. They have actually constantly been reminiscing about the past in the wish for future collaboration. And the idea of Canairi was born. They joined a great line of partners assisting them to succeed.  

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