The Shower Scrubber by Casamera
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Casamera | The Shower Scrubber


Double-sided, charcoal-infused, 100% natural, and an absolute lathering machine!

Do you remember Casamera? This is not their first campaign, I wrote about their famous bath towel some time ago and you must have noticed their signature honeycomb structure which makes it so special. This time they launched the Shower Scrubber! And, as you can see, they already have great support.

The Shower Scrubber

Who doesn’t love to have a nice shower and by that, I mean using the exclusively top-quality product on your most cherished body parts? Make sure to check out this new Casamera product, and I promise, you won’t be sorry!

They simply believe you shouldn’t have to rub plastic on your most intimate parts to get clean.

Casamera The Shower Scrubber

The Casamera Shower Scrubber is an absolute lathering machine made completely of all-natural, biodegradable materials.

Honeycomb texture adds a playful sensation and helps with breathability.

Casamera The Shower Scrubber

Double-sided design

The gentle front side reverses to a more exfoliating backside.

Ergonomic design to fit perfectly in your hand and makes those hard-to-reach spots a breeze.

The scrubber is designed with two different but equally awesome sides. Use the front honeycomb texture for the gentlest applications like your face and nose area.

The Shower Scrubber


The reverse side utilizes a greater concentration of natural walnut shells to buff away dead, dry skin cells. In other words, reveal a fresh layer of the skin without chafing, reddening, or irritating.

Moreover, it arrives flat and when it gets wet it grows to the perfect scrubbing size.

Unclogs your pores especially with oily and acne-prone skin gently buff off dead, dry skin.

The Shower Scrubber

Grown in the dirt to scrub away your day’s grime. Once you’ve used it up, toss it back in the dirt.

  • Dirt impregnated with sweat and mechanical oil? Scrub away.
  • Back from the beach and realized you shoplifted more sand in your – than you thought possible? Scrub away.
  • Sunburnt from a said beach trip and don’t want to sandpaper your sensitive skin? Scrub away pain-free.
  • That new trainer had you sweating buckets? Scrub away.
The Shower Scrubber

The most important features are that it is pleasantly exfoliating, PH balancing, ergonomic handle, hanging loop for convenience, 100% natural, and hygienic.

It is clear that the Shower Scrubber is the best for scrubbing. Therefore, it’s a multi-use little thing that will be your best companion in the shower.

Casamera The Shower Scrubber

Lastly, one of the coolest things about this campaign to me is that they offer a possibility to unlock various other materials of the Scrubber in their stretch goals. Charcoal and walnut shell are readily available, next is matcha, red clay, and peppermint!

Casamera The Shower Scrubber

All in all, Casamera guarantees satisfaction with hassle-free exchanges and returns, sustainability, and beautiful design and durability.


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