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  • Levante I Waterproof Modular Expandable Daily Backpack
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    Levante | Waterproof Modular Expandable Daily Backpack

    Ocean proof | Quick drying | 6 ways to carry | Shock absorbing | From 20L to 40L I E-mobility LEVANTE – Extremely Waterproof Digital Shield Engineered to protect from water, bumps, and everything in between. A Radio Frequency Welded backpack designed to match modern-day life. To sum up, from sea to shore and from […] More

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    8000Kicks | The 1st Waterproof HEMP Backpack

    8000Kicks is a minimalistic backpack, yet, so multipurpose. They redesigned it so many times, just to fit all your day-to-day requirements. Paying attention to still being accessible, long-lasting, and also waterproof. Carry 8000Kicks to the office, it’s stylish. At the same time, it’s roomy enough for everything else. This knapsack will certainly have the options […] More

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    Bould Pack: Inspired by Nature. Geared For Travel.

    What is the story behind the Bould Pack? They invested months trying to find a sturdy, natural material. It has to be a lot more than simply just repel water. How about it last for a lifetime of traveling? Sounds incredible, right? Well, their journey brought them to Hemp Canvas. It’s a plant-based textile with […] More

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    RANGER | Backpack & Powerstation 1000W

    Let me introduce you to RANGER Hikerpower! The world’s very first backpack power station! It combines the backpack and also a power supply. The issue of conventional power stations is completely resolved. Powered up with Adjustable ambient lights, Signal lights, and a 3D rainproof cover! A Large storage space truly overturns your perception of a […] More

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  • MagPac Modular Magnetic Organizing Series For Bag and More
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    MagPac | Modular Magnetic Organizing Series For Bag and More

    Interchangeable & versatile magnetic modules that allow you to customize your bag compartments and organize things like never before People often buy bags for specific purposes like traveling, hanging out, daily commute, client meetings…etc., eventually you will have tons of bags at home, in fact, you might only use them once or twice. LHiDS is […] More

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    Trolala | Designed for Travel & Life

    Trolala is a beautiful weekend trolley! It’s perfect for the spontaneous trips life brings.  Natacha Seroussi from Laflore made it with reminiscence. Her wish was to revive the beauty & style of the history of traveling. Produced from lasting premium cork oak its skin is eco-friendly. That way thinking about tomorrow, and also the many […] More

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  • VAULT : The Modular EDC Organizer
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    VAULT | The Modular EDC Organizer

    A quality, durable, modular & versatile EDC bag that lets you organize & pack your EDC gear. Some of the reasons why everyday carry is so popular include a renewed interest in preparedness, people’s perception of the state of public safety, and the fact that the average person spends more time away from home. These […] More

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  • DECODE - A Simply Freaking Great Everyday Backpack
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    DECODE | A Simply Freaking Great Everyday Backpack

    They created the Decode Everyday Backpack to combine storage, convenience, and comfort while staying sleek. NIID Designs has launched this amazing backpack this year and has once again achieved great support from its backers. DECODE is all you need from a classic backpack packed with top-notch features, durability, and multiple pockets. It is greatly designed […] More

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  • octo
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    OCTO | Titanium 18-in-1 Carabiner and Window Braker

    Discover a magnificently CNC’ ed multitool! Made from Titanium, Steel, or Aluminium – it will certainly never break. With your support, you can bring OCTO to life! Their enthusiasm for lifehacks, DYI, the outdoors as much as the city way of life offered them a whole new concept. The idea of a brand-new kind of […] More

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    SUBTECH DRYPACK | Tactical everyday backpack built for extreme missions

    Everyday Backpack | 8-38L Size | Waterproof | Aircraft graded Buckles | Organization System | Carry-on Approved You will love Subtech Drypack because when they say it is the only one that you will ever need, they mean it! Being very durable and weather-proof, it is perfect for extreme sports, hiking, mounting biking, or just for […] More

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  • Kincase - Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack
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    Kincase | Incomparable, Ultra Anti-cut, Multi-Use Backpack

    Kincase makes designers backpacks with unmatched security features Introducing the Kincase, ANTI-THEFT BACKPACK. Trust me, this is all you need for traveling and keeping your valuables safe and sound. It is very simple yet functional and practical. So, if you were looking for a perfect backpack, this one is for you! Simple & Smart Design […] More

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  • Montage

    Montage | Eco-Friendly Versatile Everyday Backpack

    Hello dear ladies, this one is for you! We all know that bags are a woman’s most valuable possession, obsession, and we are in a constant search for a perfect one! Seeking a functional everyday bag that is vegan and also eco-friendly, while still looking fashionable? There’s a new kid in town that will offer […] More

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