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    LITELOK CORE | Tough locks for bikes and e-bikes

    Innovative lock combining unparalleled core strength, flexibility and ease to keep your ride safe. Meet LITELOK CORE! Pedal-powered or battery-powered, keep your ride safe with this innovative lock which combines unparalleled strength, weight, and flexibility. As much as you love your ride, at some point […] More

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  • Scotsman Electric Scooter
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    Scotsman Electric Scooter

    World’s first custom 3D-printed carbon fiber composite electric scooter. Take walk around any modern city and you will find scooters scattered all around the street. Each of them identical, but the people riding them are all different. Scotsman is the world’s first carbon-fiber electric scooter, […] More

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  • TEDPoP
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    TEDPoP | World’s First Pop-Up Dual Expandable Rooftop Tent

    The next generation of the World’s Largest Hardshell Rooftop Tent allows you to make your own portable home anywhere you want! Introducing the TEDPoP. A very cool traveling ‘accessory’ that will change the way you camp. Easy access, aerodynamic design, hard, shell, construction, powerful outdoor […] More

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  • Cyclemate
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    Cyclemate | A convenient & portable Collapsible Bottle

    Space saving design is perfect when you’re “on-the-go” – easily fits everywhere. It’s not always simple or practical to bring a large bottle however being able to hydrate is excellent. Meet Cyclemate, one of the most portable, steady, and sensible retractable bottles! Fold it flat, […] More

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  • KIMBLADE NANO: Wiper blade solution completed by Nanotech.
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    KIMBLADE NANO | Wiper blade solution completed by Nanotech

    Reinvented wiper blade reinforced by Carbon Nanotube & Graphene. Never mind wipers until you buy the next car! [3rd Generation] KIMBLADE 3rd generation is back with some new amazing features including the water-repellent coating! Taking advantage of the first Kickstarter campaign’s experience, they have prepared […] More

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  • Andobil: Your Toughest and Most Reliable Bike Phone Mount
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    Andobil | Your Toughest and Most Reliable Bike Phone Mount

    To achieve the ultimate stability, security & convenience on bumpy roads. Easy to install, grab & adjust phone on multiple handlebars Introducing the Andobil – bike phone mount which provides a mix of protection, stability, and practicality so you can relax on your future rides. […] More

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  • Avarax-E - Self-Cleaning & Most Affordable E-bike


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    Avarax-E | Self-Cleaning & Most Affordable E-bike

    Avarax-E -Ultra-lightweight,Powerful and affordable with ebike 65 miles of range and speed of 28mph. Avarax is releasing the brand new self-cleaning ebike that has an Aluminum framework, excellent mileage, high speed, and is really cost-effective. They have actually been working in the e-bike industry for […] More

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  • X Planet: The Most Novel Car Freshener You Need

    X Planet | The Most Novel Car Freshener You Need

    Make Your Car Smell Fresh and You Feel Like in the Universe Make your drive a journey to space! The design of X Planet is inspired by the celestial sphere. It transcends a simple car air freshener because it carries a connotation, is a carrier […] More

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