Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Tech & Gadgets

GIGA Pump2 | The Smallest Air Pump & Lantern 3 in 1

Air Pump | Vacuum Pump | Lantern | Super Portable | 5 Nozzles | Up to 400lm | 3.5kpa | Long...

Nexx | Smart Alarm

Make Your Existing Alarm System SMART!

Reevo | The Hubless E-Bike

Style, security & safety for the modern urban cyclist.https://youtu.be/7SCRz45O-Hw

FARO by UNIT 1 | A Sleek, Visibility-First Smart Helmet

A smart helmet that delivers style, safety and comfort with a state-of-the-art light system, ventilation, MIPS and fall detection.

YAWBOARD | The Future Of Urban Mobility

Explore further with more power on the safest and most stable electric ride.https://youtu.be/rUXGcqwDjIw

The World’s #1 Smart Jump Starter

An essential winter purchase, helping you and your family to start dead batteries.https://youtu.be/SWUXRzRJXF4

SOUNDPEATS H1 | Best Sounding Hybrid Dual-Driver TWS Earbuds

Hybrid dual-driver, Qualcomm® 3040 Bluetooth chip & patented crossover produce HiFi sound on the go, placing you on the stage center.

Snowl | Your Finger Becomes The AI Mouse For Gesture Commands

https://youtu.be/Bnybndym0hU3 versatile modes with Bluetooth, Gesture Machine Learning & 9DoF for intuitive gesture control over...

The Coolest Coffee Table

A Beautiful, Built-To-Last Coffee Table… With a Secret.https://youtu.be/qDIvBYRn0ho

TEKE | Hollywood DMX Lighting – For Photo & Video Creators

Instantly apply animations, sound-reactive effects, dynamic moods and movie looks from your phone or dmx software.https://youtu.be/b4ljfRO8FQg
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Featured Projects


Nuzzie | Knit Weighted Blanket To Upgrade Your Sleep

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer - no overheating or leaking beads with our beautifully hand knitted beadless Nuzzie Knit

Airwirl | Personal Air Purifier & Mobile Cooling System with Filter

Better air quality and refreshing cool air relief...anywhere!Airwirl's Evolution

Silviano | The worlds Smartest laptop Sleeve

Global tracking | Wireless Charging | Full-grain Eco Leather | RFID

360VRFit | Transforms Ordinary Machines into VR Fit Equipment

Enjoy 6 App Exercise of Cycling, Rhythm Games, and More with VR Through a Sensor Recognizing Rotational & Linear Motions

iUVi Water Purifying Smart Bottle

Water Purifier | Powerful flashlight | Integrated power bank | Patent pending
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