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    RLAARLO-011 | The Latest Off-Road Truck

    Hello to everybody! In a world full of serious stuff, I decided to present you something fun! Although it’s fun to play with it, the possibilities of RLAARLO are very serious! “Complete nylon high-strength body, fenders to shield the mechanical structure of the car (anti-hard […] More

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    SPORTSMATE 5 | An AI-powered Consumer Exoskeleton

    Introducing SPORTSMATE 5, the world’s first wearable robotic exoskeleton Made for humans, it’s portable and very light! With form-fitting performance makes every stride comfy with controlled resistance and also aid to attain your physical fitness achievements. From distance to strength training, SPORTSMATE 5 covers everything. […] More

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  • LionCooler Pro
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    LiONCooler Pro | Battery & Solar Powered Freezer

    Frozen or refrigerated? Some things have to remain frozen, while others have to be only refrigerated. LiONCooler Pro includes both functions. Powered by its premium DC Compressors, simply readjust the preferred function. Choosing from -20 ℃ to a milder adjustable chilling feature. Adjust by yourself […] More

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  • LaView
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    LaView | 4G GPS Tracker

    Hy everybody, Andrea here! Meet LaView! Universal GPS Bluetooth tracker that provides a smart monitoring solution for children, senior citizens, animals, and goods. WOW! Sounds great, right? Well, listen to this: his battery lasts approximately 15 months per charge! Under the hood, there are 5 […] More

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