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  • puncube
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    PUNCUBE | An Interactive System to Carry Everyday Essentials

    A versatile magnetic keyholder that attaches to your phone, wallet, cardholder & ID badge holder to keep small items neat & organized. Made by and for EDCers, PUNCUBE is a magnetic modular organizing system that features a keyholder, a wallet, a cardholder, and an ID […] More

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  • JingPad

    JingPad | World’s First Consumer-Level Linux Tablet

    ARM-based tablet JingPad A1 powered by JingOS an especially developed open-source Linux distribution Introducing JingPad A1, the world’s first consumer-level Linux tablet, your new daily go-to tablet for Linux enthusiasts and consumers alike. Flagship tablet built with industry-leading components and specs. Powered by the next-generation […] More

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  • HyperDrum
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    HyperDrum | Portable Virtual Drum Kit

    Improvise freely anytime & anywhere with powerful sound and dynamic rhythm. Press the button, put your earphones on and you’re ready to drum. No complicated directions or any hidden fees, HyperDrum is a pure, powerful drumming experience so you can improvise freely anytime and anywhere. […] More

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  • THRiVE
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    THRiVE | Turn Food Waste into Ready-to-Use Compost Easily

    2.5H Super Fast Processing Time | Multi Recyclable Waste Options | Intelligent Protections | Silent & Eco-Friendly | Easy to Use THRiVE Launches Innovative Device to Effortlessly Turn Food Waste Into Organic Fertilizer. A respected team of industrial designers and kitchen appliance experts just announced […] More

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  • TOKIT Omni Cook
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    TOKIT Omni Cook | Your Smart Home Chef

    Meet your kitchen assistant: an all-in-one kitchen appliance that prepares your meals efficiently, faster, and more exciting than ever! Whether you’re an experienced cook or a newbie in the kitchen, the TOKIT Omni Cook assists you to prepare meals in your home. Extra efficiently, time-saving, […] More

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  • All-In-Sensor
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    All-In-Sensor | Worlds first Multi-Sensor

    It replaces all devices and gives you security and control for all your property With more than 18 sensors and functions, the All-In-Sensor is effective and affordable. Gone are the days of purchasing a stand-alone security system AND a motion detector AND a temperature sensor. […] More

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  • JMGO O1 Pro
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    JMGO O1 Pro | Ultra-short Throw Smart LED Projector

    100″ FHD in 9 Inches|Auto Correction|Dual Speakers Tuned by Dynaudio|Co-engineered with Leica Enjoy a true cinematic experience at home. Get a bigger screen and better view with JMGO O1 Pro. Thanks to the ultra-short-throw design, this FHD 4k compatible projector provides a massive 70” to […] More

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  • memoryOS
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    memoryOS | Drastically Improve Your Memory the Fun Way!

    AI-powered memory improvement gamified app, co-developed by 2X World Memory Champion The current educational system expects us to remember significant amounts of information. Without teaching us how to memorize it in the first place.  Memorization is as important as reading and writing. It should be […] More

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  • Dusk
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    Dusk | App-enabled electrochromic smart sunglasses

    Premium wayfarers packed with tech and breakthrough lens technology | Choose your tint, instantly Introducing Dusk — The First Pair of Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses by Ampere Ampere launches Dusk — the first pair of smart sunglasses with app-controlled electrochromic lenses, which allow you to adjust the tint […] More

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