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    Subnado | Compact & Lightweight Underwater Scooter 

    Meet Waydoo Subnado! Wow, this piece of equipment is ultra-compact yet extremely durable and powerful. An undersea scooter with a smooth, effective propulsion system. Not to mention, a straightforward design! This ingenious underwater system bridges the gap between pricey and tough to control models. These models can […] More

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    TempBuddy | Modern Phone-Charged Thermometer

    TempBuddy is a contemporary thermometer device. It connects to your phone! Also, allows you to properly (and quickly) measure body or object temperatures. TempBuddy is contactless. It does not call for any kind of battery. In addition, documents body temperature levels with an accuracy of […] More

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  • SYNCWIRE Magta All-in-1 Magnetic Modular Charging Station


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    SYNCWIRE Magta | All-in-1 Magnetic Modular Charging Station

    Magnetic, Switchable Modules | Wired & Wireless Charging | Simultaneous Multi-device Charging | Space Saving | Universal Compatibility The SYNCWIRE Magta is an innovative charging station, designed to help users organize & fast-charge all their devices at the same time. It comes with four magnetic […] More

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    BOX | First Free-Forever Cloud Storage

    Hello and look at this one! Box by Functionland makes YOU the proprietor of your room in the cloud!With cloud computing, we gained a lot.  real-time cooperation, backup, and sync, sharing, accessibility you can access your data from anywhere The benefits of cloud services really become worth paying for. […] More

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  • VAULT : The Modular EDC Organizer


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    VAULT | The Modular EDC Organizer

    A quality, durable, modular & versatile EDC bag that lets you organize & pack your EDC gear. Some of the reasons why everyday carry is so popular include a renewed interest in preparedness, people’s perception of the state of public safety, and the fact that […] More

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