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    Olive Pro ✅ 2-in-1 Hearing Aids & Bluetooth Earbuds

    Enhanced Hearing for Sounds, Music and Conversations | Affordable Hearing for All Brilliant speech understanding and automated background noise cancellation combined to bring true, ultra-crisp sound quality for better music listening, clearer conversations, and less noise. Celebrated crowdfunded Olive Union is back with the long-awaited next generation “affordable […] More

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  • Nemeio: The customizable global keyboard
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    Nemeio | The customizable global keyboard

    Wide e-paper screen | Dedicated application | Customizable keys | Contextual switch | Ultimate connectivity and portability Nemeio is completely customizable because of its built-in wide e-paper screen. Whether you choose an existing keyboard layout or design your own, Nemeio will display your own personalized […] More

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  • Stemoscope PRO-The Wireless Stethoscope For Doctor
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    Stemoscope PRO-The Wireless Stethoscope For Doctor

    A Tri-Wireless-Mode Noise Cancelling stethoscope lets you auscultate patients Safely and Clearly The normal version of the Stemoscope was successfully crowdfunded by 4,089 backers on Kickstarter and INDIEGOGO in early 2019. That version allows everyone to listen to the sound of life, for STEM education, recreation and many other purposes. Many medical […] More

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