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  • Clexi

    Clexi | The World’s 1st Smart Secure SSD Drive

    With the Most Convenient/Trusted Unlock Method via Smartphone. Clexi is the world’s 1st smart secure SSD drive. It provides secure and quick access to your data as convenient as unlocking your smartphone. You can share your data in a trusted way with others and remotely […] More

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  • Filmatic outdoor projector
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    FILMATIC Outdoor Projector | Small & Powerful

    WIRELESS丨 WATERPROOF丨DROP RESISTANT丨PROJECTOR & SPEAKER & LANTERN 3-IN-1 Meet a small & rugged FILMATIC outdoor projector. With an all-metal body design, IPX6 water resistance, and Bluetooth speaker outdoor lantern built-in, FILMATIC is a great portable projector you need for outdoor activities or daily leisure. FILMATIC’s […] More

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  • Pop phone stand
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    Pop Phone Stand | MagSafe® compatible

    A fairly manufactured design masterpiece. Boost your productivity and let your iPhone float in the perfect position while charging. The Pop phone stand has just what it takes to look and work great: A Panton-inspired appearance, perfect dimensions, and a well-balanced design. Pop is a […] More

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  • Crispx So Crispy, You Can See It
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    CrispX | So Crispy, You Can See It.

    Next-generation air fryer + grill combo that makes healthy cooking crisper than ever. The kitchen appliance specialists, Aukey team introduces their CrispX – Revolutionary Smart Air Fryer + Grill Cooking Solution CrispX is a revolutionary new smart air fryer with a grill that lets users […] More

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  • OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun: Breakthrough the Limits
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    OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun | Breakthrough the Limits

    60lbs Force|40% Deeper Depth|3500PPM|1.2lbs Lightweight|8 Pro Attachments|240mins Runtime Many people undervalue the benefits of an expert massage gun. OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun quickens muscle recuperation and aids professional athletes to push themselves to their limits. No more slowing down caused by cramps or muscle […] More

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