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  • Wearbuds Watch
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    Wearbuds Watch | Smartwatch that houses its earbuds

    3rd Gen of the World’s First Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker that Stores & Wirelessly Charges Earbuds The Wearbuds Watch is a revolutionary gadget that unites a game-changing smartwatch, high-quality earbuds, as well as a sophisticated health & fitness tracker right into one ideal wristwatch. The […] More

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  • BGR
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    BGR | Bars Grips Rings

    The ultimate portable, bodyweight gym with patent-pending quick-adjust straps. It may not look like much, but if you like bodyweight and calisthenics fitness training, you’re going to love this. BGR allows you to train differently. It’s for those that are fed up with the usual […] More

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  • Cyclemate
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    Cyclemate | A convenient & portable Collapsible Bottle

    Space saving design is perfect when you’re “on-the-go” – easily fits everywhere. It’s not always simple or practical to bring a large bottle however being able to hydrate is excellent. Meet Cyclemate, one of the most portable, steady, and sensible retractable bottles! Fold it flat, […] More

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  • Traineroom

    Traineroom | Your coaching app whenever and wherever you want

    Traineroom: the app that makes you train wherever you want! An app that connects coaches’ certificates of each sport. Traineroom App: Advanced Sports Training at the palm of your hand A digital fitness approach; Once you see results, it becomes an addiction! Team specialized in […] More

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  • OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun: Breakthrough the Limits
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    OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun | Breakthrough the Limits

    60lbs Force|40% Deeper Depth|3500PPM|1.2lbs Lightweight|8 Pro Attachments|240mins Runtime Many people undervalue the benefits of an expert massage gun. OYeet NEX Pro Massage Gun quickens muscle recuperation and aids professional athletes to push themselves to their limits. No more slowing down caused by cramps or muscle […] More

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  • FORME - the modern-day supplement shaker
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    FORME | the modern-day supplement shaker

    FORME’s functionality and design aligns the shaker with the rest of today’s fitness landscape Who doesn’t want a shaker that won’t leak or smell, is easy to clean, has a silent shaker mechanism, a hidden storage container, a concealed drinking lip, regulates the temperature of […] More

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  • Optimo: Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing
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    Optimo | Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

    Make massive upper body gains while reducing injury, pain & discomfort with these 2.25″ wing grips. Achieve more muscle strength with Optimo Thick Grips – the 2.25″ silicone grips that are anatomically designed to maximize your physical capacity. The helpful wings ease pressure on your […] More

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  • Kane Active Recovery Footwear
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    Kane | Active Recovery Footwear

    Kane footwear is designed specifically for active recovery. Created from Brazilian sugarcane and other eco-sustainable materials. Kane is an active recovery footwear brand developing a community of preparedness. Their emphasis is the innovative use of Eco-sustainable products to transform the lives of professional athletes all […] More

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