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  • MEALZTIME - Cordless Self-heating Bento Box
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    MEALZTIME | Cordless Self-heating Bento Box

    One-touch heating | Cordless self-heating | No water required | 900ml large capacity | Reheats up to 4 meals per charge If you’re on the go all day, it’s easy to find yourself eating a lackluster lunch or skipping meals altogether. But according to research […] More

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  • Prone Cushion An ergonomic cushion designed for lying down
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    Prone Cushion | An ergonomic cushion designed for lying down

    An innovative solution for all-day comfort & relaxation Comfort Space Co. announces its first ergonomic comfort device, Prone Cushion. Built from the ground up, dedicated to supporting lying down. Prone Cushion is now on Kickstarter, receiving over 100% of its funding goal just 6 minutes […] More

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  • Nomade Jacket
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    Nomade Jacket

    The EDC emergency jacket The Nomade jacket is a high-tech performance hybrid that combines the elements of an emergency jacket, an E.D.C. (everyday carry) gear, and a windbreaker. Thanks to its proprietary Graphene caged membrane, it can save your life in extreme conditions and will […] More

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    Flex’n Fresh | DeliOne Container Reusable&Food Grade

    They made stunning, premium food containers. Flex’n Fresh brings more than just an eye-catching appearance. The stretchable lid can raise the volume by 50%! Not only that, however, it likewise extends to 200% in heights. Save a wonky-sized dish, trust me – Flex’n Fresh can handle it.Do […] More

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  • STRIG Mini - Massage, Relax & Prime Your Muscles
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    STRIG Mini | Massage, Relax & Prime Your Muscles

    Using IASTM Massage Technique & Micro-currents to help your muscles perform at max levels. Meet the STRIG Mini: a handheld IASTM massager that lets you relax and prime your muscles to maximize your workouts, recover faster, and reduce the risk of injury. Moreover, it has […] More

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  • First Smart Heated Slim Jackets & Leather Gloves
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    Quanta Vici | First Smart Heated Slim Jackets & Leather Gloves

    Never Too Hot, Never Too Cold, Always Right – Quanta Vici Smart Heated Apparel This Canadian Smart Apparel Startup just changed the future of Luxury Clothing with a very different new line of environmentally friendly Jackets and Leather Gloves. Quanta Vici is back with a […] More

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    8000Kicks | The 1st Waterproof HEMP Backpack

    8000Kicks is a minimalistic backpack, yet, so multipurpose. They redesigned it so many times, just to fit all your day-to-day requirements. Paying attention to still being accessible, long-lasting, and also waterproof. Carry 8000Kicks to the office, it’s stylish. At the same time, it’s roomy enough […] More

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    NORM 1 | The smartwatch that’s not a smartwatch

    The NORM 1 is a modern-everyday, yet timeless wristwatch! You also wondered why most smartwatches are made just for sports or technology fanatics? They share the same opinion. So they made a watch for everybody. Appearing in a sensational design, this is really one gorgeous product. To […] More

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  • ElegaBand The Four-in-one Multi-functional Watch Band
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    ElegaBand | The Four-in-one Multi-functional Watch Band

    ElegaBand (Elega Band): The Multi-functional Smartwatch Band + ELEGAnt Strap for Classic, Sport & Smartwatches -Apple, Samsung, Garmin ElegaBand, is an optimized watchband for 21st-century watches and active users. It is designed to be your ideal companion all the time, everywhere, and on every occasion. […] More

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    Neckphone TRi | Headphone + Neckspeaker + Wireless Speaker

    Presenting you the headphones of the next generation. It’s the Neckphone TRi. The premium and hybrid gadget for today’s unstoppable way of living. They are engineered by leading specialists from the sound market. Neckphone TRi is the first ultra-versatile headphones. Equipped with 4 speakers as […] More

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    RANGER | Backpack & Powerstation 1000W

    Let me introduce you to RANGER Hikerpower! The world’s very first backpack power station! It combines the backpack and also a power supply. The issue of conventional power stations is completely resolved. Powered up with Adjustable ambient lights, Signal lights, and a 3D rainproof cover! […] More

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    Silver Pillow | Smart Pillow That Cleans Itself 24/7

    They are BeChloted! A 5-time creator with over 5,000+ backers. Their previous projects won the hearts of over 150,000+ consumers! And they’re back – with the Silver Pillow! The Silver Pillow is a great addition to your sleeping empowerment: It’s a self-cleaning smart pillow that’s developed […] More

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