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  • ChessUp | Level Up Your Chess Game
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    ChessUp | Level Up Your Chess Game

    An incredible, connected chess board with a built-in chess instructor that lights up all possible moves according to strength. Imagine learning how to play chess from the best chess engine in the world. Picture sharpening and fine-tuning from the grandest of chess masters. Envision getting […] More

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  • GameFrame - Show off your favorite games - Pound Technology

    GAMEFRAME | The ULTIMATE display for your favorite games!

    The GameFrame by Pound Technology showcases your games while providing easy access for when you want to play them Introducing the GameFrame, a great decorative piece for your gaming collection! At Pound, they love all things about gaming and were tired of stashing their favorites […] More

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  • The HyperCube
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    The HyperCube

    Sound reactive, app-enabled, hyper-chromatic art that will transport you to another dimension After two years of accurate hyper-engineering, they are prepared to present you one of the most star-striking fusions of art and modern technology in the universe! Harmonic, symphonic, digital. Visualize and get lost […] More

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  • RS30 - Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal
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    RS30 | Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel & Pedal

    Enhance your sim-racing with the most torque-per-dollar wheel designed by a F3 pro racer. Feel the rush and push your limitations as you navigate the circuit in the most realistic, pro-grade racing simulator to hit home video gaming consoles. The teeth of helical equipment are […] More

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  • The Couch Console
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    The Couch Console ✅

    Self-balancing cupholder, snack holder, phone stand, charging dock, remote tray, storage pocket. All in a light, compact & modular pack Introducing The Couch Console the perfect accessorize for working, gaming or relaxing in the comfort of your home. You will never have to compromise your […] More

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  • Hindsight 2020: "The Game of the Year"

    Hindsight 2020 | “The Game of the Year”

    A tabletop card game for 2-6 players This is a true game for everybody who’s fed up with the year 2020! It’s been very harsh on us all and nobody can tell they cannot wait to finally enter 2021. Joylissa & Sean made this party […] More

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  • GOOVIS LITE: Crystal Clear Giant Screen Personal 3D Cinema
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    GOOVIS LITE | Crystal Clear Giant Screen Personal 3D Cinema

    Vivid Display Quality|Dual 2K Micro-OLED|53 PPD & 4523PPI|Distortion <1.5%|600“ Giant Screen|Eye Strain Relief|Smartphone Companion 53 PPD (Pixel Per Degree) now is the highest number in the industry. LITE breaks through the ultimate edge and takes it to the next high level. Clear to every edge! […] More

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    GEMJI ✅ The Most Versatile Board Game & STEAM Tool

    Blind accessible, fits in a pocket, 30+ games in one, ALL AGES, flexible playtime, washable & more! GEMJI is a tabletop game engine that gives you the freedom to play multiple games. Currently, we start with over 30 games and 7 building models. Games include original […] More

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    Polycade ✅ Powerful Arcade Style Gaming

    Polycade pairs the magic of the arcade days with the power of modern gaming! The Polycade Arcade Gaming Software (AGS) makes PC gaming easy, and enables you to play the games you love console style, or arcade style. Whether you dabble in games or spend every […] More

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  • Nemeio: The customizable global keyboard
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    Nemeio | The customizable global keyboard

    Wide e-paper screen | Dedicated application | Customizable keys | Contextual switch | Ultimate connectivity and portability Nemeio is completely customizable because of its built-in wide e-paper screen. Whether you choose an existing keyboard layout or design your own, Nemeio will display your own personalized […] More

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