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  • Capsule Gravity: Futuristic Efficiency Booster
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    Capsule Gravity | Futuristic Efficiency Booster

    5,000mAh Power Bank | Pomodoro Timer | Kitchen Timer | Flip to Countdown | 20W Fast-charge iPhone, iPad & MacBook | Cyberpunk See-through Design SHARGEEK is back with another sci-fi inspired personal productivity product. Maybe you remember their successful Kickstarter campaign for Storm 2 Ultimate […] More

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  • X Pick - No Magic, Just Science! The Multi Effect Guitar & Bass Pick - Futuristically Evolutionary
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    X Pick | No Magic, Just Science!

    The Multi-Effect Guitar & Bass Pick – Futuristically Evolutionary The X Pick is a Galactic Pick, made entirely of Neodymium, which thanks to its extremely calibrated magnetism, can perform fantastic techniques on your instrument! If it sounds too good to be true, if it sounds […] More

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    PopuPiano | Smart Portable Piano

    Go fast forward to music mastery with PopuPiano! It’s the all-in-one keyboard that will certainly glow-up your abilities. Also your music studio for every note you play.PopuPiano packs tune, chords, and also rhythm right into a smart LED Keyboard. An effective Chord Pad takes you from amateur […] More

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  • MARBOLOUS 360° Design Marble Track
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    MARBOLOUS | 360° Design Marble Track

    Your childlike fascination with a grown-up design. Reinventing the classic marble track because fascination knows no age. The MARBOLOUS marble track: an interactive design object which brings you childlike fascination in a design that is all grown up. It has a fascinating, almost hypnotizing effect. […] More

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    BOX | First Free-Forever Cloud Storage

    Hello and look at this one! Box by Functionland makes YOU the proprietor of your room in the cloud!With cloud computing, we gained a lot.  real-time cooperation, backup, and sync, sharing, accessibility you can access your data from anywhere The benefits of cloud services really become worth paying for. […] More

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  • T-1 The All-Inclusive Immersive Gaming Earset for E-Sports
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    T-1 Earset | The All-Inclusive Immersive Gaming Earset for E-Sports

    High-End Gaming Sounds, Boom-Mic World’s First Ergonomically Designed, Perfect-Fitting Gaming In-Ear Headset. T-1 is a perfect earset for all my gamers! You will love the outstanding sound and great features they offer. They will provide the perfect fit for anybody with an adjustable and ergonomic […] More

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    RLAARLO-011 | The Latest Off-Road Truck

    Hello to everybody! In a world full of serious stuff, I decided to present you something fun! Although it’s fun to play with it, the possibilities of RLAARLO are very serious! “Complete nylon high-strength body, fenders to shield the mechanical structure of the car (anti-hard […] More

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