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  • Urbatch Craft sustainable products at home
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    Urbatch | Craft sustainable products at home

    Learn to transform local ingredients into quality creations Introducing Urbatch – the first platform specialized in quality home crafting. They integrate professionals and amateurs to interact and share knowledge. They say that when you craft your own products, you know exactly what you are consuming, […] More

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  • DOZZ - Sleeping Made Easy


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    DOZZ | Sleeping Made Easy

    Neurowave Tech | Sleeping Aid | Snore Stopper | Breathing Light | Sleep Music | Sleep Health Track DOZZ is the world’s first smart sleeping gadget, aiding you to fall asleep and address your snoring problems as well. You can conveniently enter practicing meditation and […] More

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  • Exa Mask
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    Exa Mask

    A new, high-performance, and comfortable mask. Masks can be very annoying and they make our everyday lives very hard. They muffle your voice. Fog your glasses. They fume and moist. They can even cause irritation to your skin. With their exclusive three-part system, they exceed […] More

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  • TEMPMi – The World’s Smallest Tritium Keychain Thermometer
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    TEMPMi | The World’s Smallest Tritium Keychain Thermometer

    Contactless Measurement | Compact | Tritium | App Tracking | Measure for all | Compatible with Android & iOS Checking your temperature level is inevitable throughout this international pandemic. You will definitely see a thermometer wherever you go. TEMPMi is the ideal thermometer that is […] More

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  • Kane Active Recovery Footwear
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    Kane | Active Recovery Footwear

    Kane footwear is designed specifically for active recovery. Created from Brazilian sugarcane and other eco-sustainable materials. Kane is an active recovery footwear brand developing a community of preparedness. Their emphasis is the innovative use of Eco-sustainable products to transform the lives of professional athletes all […] More

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  • Quanta Vici Smart Heated Gloves & Socks
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    Quanta Vici Smart Heated Gloves & Socks

    Premium Design & Material for True Dexterity | Breathable | Smart Personalizable Heating Up to 130°F These smart wearables include their proprietary system of built-in sensors that measure the temperature level inside the wearable, manage warmth, and preserve your precise, recommended temperature down to the […] More

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  • Re:Pack Keychain Face Mask
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    Re:Pack | Keychain Face Mask

    A super packable face mask you’ll never forget This is their fifth Kickstarter campaign and they’re enthusiastic about developing items that become reliable companions. They’re developing an ecological community of adventure products that work together. This time they’ve produced something that you’ll be happy to […] More

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