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  • SafeSpace Shield
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    SafeSpace Shield

    A sealed, fog-resistant, all-day comfortable full face shield to protect frontline workers, teachers, medical professionals, kids… Meet SafeSpace Shield, a face shield that balances extreme performance, astonishing comfort, and complete visibility. Features: Comfortable adjustable straps: a four-point attachment to help provide a secure seal. Injection-molded […] More

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    Oumua | Your Ultimate Breathing Trainer

    Care for your well-being and athletic performance. Improve your breathing experience. Boost your endurance and lung capacity. Introducing Oumua. Your light-weight and portable breathing instructor is made to enhance your endurance, lung performance, and also improve your overall health in under 10 minutes a day. […] More

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  • UpCore
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    UpCore | One Click for Long Lasting Perfect Posture

    First EMS-powered posture corrector to tone your muscles & relieve back pain – only 23 minutes a day UpCore smart posture corrector supports your ideal stance by drawing your shoulders back and activating your muscles. The muscle stimulation add-on tones and reinforces your core and […] More

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  • SOUL
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    SOUL | The Symphony of Nature

    SOUL plays over 250 mixed sounds with breathing light. Enjoy the sound of wilderness anywhere without connecting to wireless waves Refreshing your home ambiance while you work or even take a power nap, the SOUL ambient sound generator brings in the comforting sounds of the […] More

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  • ChillFeed
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    ChillFeed | 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

    60.8°F Maximum Cooling | Bluetooth Speaker | Emergency Light | Power Bank | Indoor&Outdoor Use ChillFeed Introduces the Ultimate 4-in-1 Portable Ac Unit for your Outdoor Activities ChillFeed just recently released the utmost mobile A/C, a flexible summertime companion that makes any type of task […] More

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  • erazor
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    Erazor | The Revolutionary Ceramic Blade Portable Shaver

    Stay perfectly groomed with ceramic blades that won’t go dull for years, keep clean and rust-free. Introducing your new finest shaving friend – Erazor! Diamond-sharp ceramic blades won’t go dull for many years and will remain tidy & rust-free. Incorporated with ultra-thin mesh, Erazor will […] More

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    Is the first Ultra Clean Self-Sanitizing, Antimicrobial Copper Wallet that doesn’t make compromises. The world’s cleanest wallet forged from the cleanest metal known to man. Introducing the Copper Clean Wallet. The luxury ultra-clean wallet from Oligo Effect. The Copper Clean Wallet is forged with the […] More

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    EZSANI | Smart, Safe, Sanitized

    An intelligent, touch-free, transforming, 4-in-1 portable sanitizer dispenser. The EZSANI is their patented transforming, hands-free sanitizer bottle. The same unit can be used in four different ways: Clip-on to your pocket, belt, backpack strap, or wrist band. Mounts to any wall, metal, or hard surface […] More

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