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  • LionCooler Pro
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    LiONCooler Pro | Battery & Solar Powered Freezer

    Frozen or refrigerated? Some things have to remain frozen, while others have to be only refrigerated. LiONCooler Pro includes both functions. Powered by its premium DC Compressors, simply readjust the preferred function. Choosing from -20 ℃ to a milder adjustable chilling feature. Adjust by yourself […] More

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  • The Shower Scrubber by Casamera
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    Casamera | The Shower Scrubber

    Double-sided, charcoal-infused, 100% natural, and an absolute lathering machine! Do you remember Casamera? This is not their first campaign, I wrote about their famous bath towel some time ago and you must have noticed their signature honeycomb structure which makes it so special. This time […] More

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  • hydroX
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    HydroX | Utimate shower experience

    What does “X” in Hydro stand for? The X means numerous running settings HydroX can offer. The “X” means Spa, Spiral, and also Saver. You can simply transform the type of shower experience by tilting the head in 1 out of the 3 possible modes. […] More

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  • koru purify your air

    KORU | Purify Your Air & Grow Healthy Plants

    Hey You! No matter how much You try, your plants look terrible?Wendy never waters her plants, yet somehow they always look fabulous.Yup, I have to disappoint You, but Wendy lied to You…Because every plant has a special requirement. So I found a solution to make […] More

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    PURA MAX – PETKIT | The Self-cleaning Litter Box

    Do You own the cat or does the cat own You? Having a furry friend is beautiful, especially a cat. They are very independent animals, and their lifestyle is pretty simple: eating, laying around, purring, and of course – there is poop! We all know […] More

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    FIREUP | Dutch oven

    Hy Guys, it’s A. again! In the name of cooking, look what I ran into this afternoon! Ratatouille? Yeah, everybody knows who He is! My favorite cartoon – chef of all time! It’s because I often feel like Him, making five stars dishes (in my […] More

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  • Sento Air Kickstarter's most funded towel is back

    Sento Air | Kickstarter’s most funded towel is back

    Japanese Craftsmanship || Meticulous Design || Exceptional Materials || Your Everyday Essential Upgraded I just love a good shower, and then the fluffy soft fresh towel is essential for me. Well-known Sento Air is releasing their new version so make sure to support while you […] More

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