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  • WashUP
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    WashUP | The Next-Generation Wireless Cleaning Tool

    Clean anything wirelessly at a microscopic level with the all-new Double Transducer while saving water and energy! WashUp is the first family ultrasonic cleansing device outfitted with a double-transducer. It supplies a lot more powerful deep-cleaning at the microscopic level compared to traditional ultrasonic cleaners. […] More

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  • erazor
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    Erazor | The Revolutionary Ceramic Blade Portable Shaver

    Stay perfectly groomed with ceramic blades that won’t go dull for years, keep clean and rust-free. Introducing your new finest shaving friend – Erazor! Diamond-sharp ceramic blades won’t go dull for many years and will remain tidy & rust-free. Incorporated with ultra-thin mesh, Erazor will […] More

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  • Classy Spirits
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    Classy Spirits | Remove the Bite & Harshness In Alcohol

    An Alcohol Filtration System to Increase the Quality and Smoothness in Bottled Alcohols and Spirits! Classy Spirits developed their proprietary filters to reduce Acetone and Acetaldehyde that remain in your bottled Spirits. And the results are….pretty Amazing! These two chemicals, Acetone, and Acetaldehyde cause much […] More

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  • k25
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    K-25 | Bath Towel Reinvented

    Quick-dry, Odor-free, Soft giant waffle Bath Towel that soaks water as a super-sponge! Sustainable 100% Organic cotton Terry towels take forever to dry and develop a stinky musty smell because a wet towel is a perfect environment to grow a civilization of mold and bacteria. […] More

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  • Pluto Square
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    Pluto Square | The Modern Cat Litter Cube

    Self-Cleans Automatically Minutes After Your Cat Leaves with Splash & Dust Controls Self-Cleans Automatically Minutes After Your Cat Leaves with Splash & Dust Controls Pluto’s core value has always centered on the ultimate health and care of cats while making products that are affordable, high-performing, […] More

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