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  • Trexo Slider: World's most compact camera slider
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    Trexo Slider | World’s most compact camera slider

    Powerful and compact camera slider with motion control, vertical operation, shareable presets, Timelapse, and much more Trexo Slider is the world’s most compact camera slider and uses a lead screw to operate. Unlike other sliders on the market, Trexo Slider does not use a belt-operated […] More

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  • iSpace2 Pro - Smart DLP Pocket Projector
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    iSpace2 Pro | Smart DLP Pocket Projector

    One Second Wake-up | Android 9.0 | App-Control Intelligent | 360° Rotating Viewing | WiFi Connection | Bluetooth Speaker Measuring only 130mm x 42mm, and weighing only 425g, iSpace2 Pro is as compact and lightweight as it gets. It’s only 42mm which is thin enough […] More

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    Neckphone TRi | Headphone + Neckspeaker + Wireless Speaker

    Presenting you the headphones of the next generation. It’s the Neckphone TRi. The premium and hybrid gadget for today’s unstoppable way of living. They are engineered by leading specialists from the sound market. Neckphone TRi is the first ultra-versatile headphones. Equipped with 4 speakers as […] More

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  • Flagship universal knife with hand-carved grips
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    Flagship | Universal knife with hand-carved grips

    The ultimate kitchen knives for any cooking needs. Versatile, elegant, and created to stay sharp All Flagship products are standing out and these small-batch knives are available exclusively to their backers. They are made from distinctively ornate multi-layered steel and finished with stunning “swirling” design […] More

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    PopuPiano | Smart Portable Piano

    Go fast forward to music mastery with PopuPiano! It’s the all-in-one keyboard that will certainly glow-up your abilities. Also your music studio for every note you play.PopuPiano packs tune, chords, and also rhythm right into a smart LED Keyboard. An effective Chord Pad takes you from amateur […] More

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    Instant Ice | Tunatutu’s Cooling Comforter

    We are proud to announce Tunatutu’s new cooling product! InstantIce! It’s a cooling comforter that You could only dream of.With your support in their silk duvet, their initial project was brought to life. That also gave them wings for the following one. A cooling comforter definitely keeps you cool. Additionally, […] More

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  • osotek hotwave mop
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    Osotek HotWave Mop Vacuum | Hot Water, Self-Cleaning & Drying

    Hot Water Mopping丨Powerful Vacuuming丨Dual Self-Cleaning丨Hot Air Drying 丨Automatic Water Refilling丨3L Large Water Tank丨Two-Tank Tech Osotek HotWave is a revolution when it comes to vacuuming! It is more than just that for sure. It’s a mop, vacuum, self-cleaning and hot air-drying. What else do you need?! […] More

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    Silver Pillow | Smart Pillow That Cleans Itself 24/7

    They are BeChloted! A 5-time creator with over 5,000+ backers. Their previous projects won the hearts of over 150,000+ consumers! And they’re back – with the Silver Pillow! The Silver Pillow is a great addition to your sleeping empowerment: It’s a self-cleaning smart pillow that’s developed […] More

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