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  • De Light
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    De Light | A Fold-Out Convertible Streaming Light & Stand Set

    Integrate all lighting essentials making you shine in social media contents into a tiny box. A pro-grade studio straight out of the box De Light is the first all-in-one, easy-to-operate, and space-saving streaming light and stand. It will fit in a small portable box that […] More

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  • Pico Max
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    Pico Max | Grow a Garden Anywhere!

    Grow thriving plants everywhere with a click – telescopic LED lights, multiple mounts, and a self-watering system. Anyone can do it! Altifarm launches the crowdfunding campaign for its newest innovation PicoMax. It’s a gardening assistant that breaks all negative stereotypes about indoor gardening. After its […] More

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    ICEGONE | Defrost food in a most natural, fast & healthy way

    Most advanced defrosting tray. A last-minute dinner lifesaver that thaws food much faster while keeping the true flavors of food. ICEGONE is a thawing plate that can defrost frozen food 8x faster than room temperature, getting your meats from frozen to cooking-ready in just 10~20 […] More

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  • Cyclemate
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    Cyclemate | A convenient & portable Collapsible Bottle

    Space saving design is perfect when you’re “on-the-go” – easily fits everywhere. It’s not always simple or practical to bring a large bottle however being able to hydrate is excellent. Meet Cyclemate, one of the most portable, steady, and sensible retractable bottles! Fold it flat, […] More

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  • The Click & Grow 25

    Click & Grow 25 | A farmer’s market in your own home

    Grow an abundance of nutritious leafy greens and herbs at home with the most space and energy-efficient indoor garden ever made. The Click & Grow 25 is a novel solution for supporting a healthy diet, matching perfectly with any urban-dwellers lifestyle and providing vitamin-packed, sustainably […] More

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