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  • ALNPET+ | Make Your Pets Fall In Love With Drinking Water
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    ALNPET+ | Make Your Pets Fall In Love With Drinking Water

    Pet water fountain providing the world’s cleanest water with UVC, nanosilver filters purifying drinking water for your pets. Did you know that the water at your home might be contaminated? Despite a filter in your pet’s current water fountain, all types of dirty particles could […] More

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  • Bowio Read in Style
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    Bowio | Read in Style

    One-of-a-kind Book Light that is Innovative, Functional, and Fashionable. Bowio is designed with a special form that makes it possible to illuminate the pages and read your book in the dark. As a team of passionate readers, they have totally reimagined the book light to […] More

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  • DJ6 - An Affordable Laser Engraver For A Creative Life
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    DJ6 | An Affordable Laser Engraver For A Creative Life

    Compact & powerful laser engraver to creatively customize anything Introducing the DJ6! Compact & powerful laser engraver to creatively customize anything you want. It can engrave patterns, styles, logos, and images on virtually any kind of materials consisting of timber, glass, tinted porcelain, painted metal, […] More

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  • The HyperCube
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    The HyperCube

    Sound reactive, app-enabled, hyper-chromatic art that will transport you to another dimension After two years of accurate hyper-engineering, they are prepared to present you one of the most star-striking fusions of art and modern technology in the universe! Harmonic, symphonic, digital. Visualize and get lost […] More

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  • Prepd Chef Skillet
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    Prepd Chef Skillet

    Lighter, smoother, naturally non-stick cast iron skillet – the ultimate everyday pan Presenting Prepd Chef Skillet – a lighter, smoother, and extra agile cast-iron. By reducing the layout to its simplest, most minimalistic design, Prepd Chef Skillet is more than 30% lighter than typical cast-iron […] More

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  • COZE MAT The Next-gen Desktop Mat
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    COZE MAT | The Next-gen Desktop Mat

    Modular design, omni-device stand, wireless charging, and flexible layout. It’s designed for a better work-from-home life. Introducing COZE MAT, the one that offers next-generation desk mat experience. It provides every little thing you require from a traditional 2D mat while turning on for all your […] More

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  • The Bath Towel | Reimagined

    Casamera The Bath Towel | Reimagined

    Consistently bone-dry every A.M. After launching the first variation of their towels on Kickstarter nearly 3 years earlier, their faithful backers returned to them with comments on what they’d like to see in the future. Well, the future is now and they’ve adapted and improved […] More

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  • Re:Pack Keychain Face Mask
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    Re:Pack | Keychain Face Mask

    A super packable face mask you’ll never forget This is their fifth Kickstarter campaign and they’re enthusiastic about developing items that become reliable companions. They’re developing an ecological community of adventure products that work together. This time they’ve produced something that you’ll be happy to […] More

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